Your Personhood, at risk?

The new cast of American Idol, 2018, all dye their hair, why? What is this message of appearance fakery that has become king in the market place, that we are sending to the next generation, if you are not part of the diversion, there is no place for you on television or even in the work place, or so it seems… What have we all become? Who knows…Considering selling pillows on television, better dye your hair first…I know that I’m just that annoying voice in the wilderness, but if I don’t write or say it, who will, you? In the future, genuine, will have no meaning, oh, I think we have lost it already…As your worth will be based on your hair, not the content of your performance, but the audience perception of you and your hair. In our society what is that glue that holds us together, kinship, and with that comes, sameness, of appearance, sameness of thought, sameness of personhood, we are more willing to fight for the team then for the individual, for a country, even  for an ideal, even it later proves to have splinters, kinda like, my country, right or wrong. I will be a blond head, until I die, and will never appear as the old gray head that I have become. In both short and long form, Wikipedia, has always in its presentation of so many subjects proven to have expressed it best, just as below, I call your attention to.


Personhood is the status of being a person. Defining personhood is a controversial topic in philosophy and law and is closely tied with legal and political concepts of citizenship, equality, and liberty. According to law, only a natural person or legal personality has rights, protections, privileges, responsibilities, and legal liability.

Personhood continues to be a topic of international debate and has been questioned critically during the abolition of human and nonhuman slavery, in theology, in debates about abortion and in fetal rights and/or reproductive rights, in animal rights activism, in theology and ontology, in ethical theory, and in debates about corporate personhood and the beginning of human personhood.


Now if that above does not say it all, can anyone of you explain it better? I’m waiting…

In My Youth

When I was in grade school, bullying must have been occurring all around me, but since it did not involve or affect me, I paid it no meaningful attention. Then just the other day, a little girl was crying in the hall way of my building as I picked up my mail, overheard her tell her mother that she was being bullied at school, it was then that my mind raced back to my grade school days to what I now know was bullying in my very presence. In my neighborhood there was a group of women, then called housewives, who had children, whom are now referred to as ‘stay at home moms’, its these children that were in the bullied group, because they were separate from us, regular students with working mothers. Every morning as a group, these mothers and children would walk to school, hand in hand, almost all together, the mothers would hand their kids their home-prepared lunch before they entered the school building. After the school day, those mothers, would be standing around the building again, almost as a group, often exchanging thoughts, waiting for their children to walk them home, hand in hand. These children were a tightly held together group, so, at recess, they clung together, as they did at lunch time, not having to eat cafeteria food like the rest of us. During the day, if it should rain, those mothers would be waiting outside, with all sort of rain gear to protect their children during the walk home. In view of all the above, if a disturbance broke out it would involve one of those kids with a stay at home mom, because they were separate, and not like the rest of us, as they kept very much to themselves, it’s that separation that breeds bullying. No one ever really got the know them, even after and often attending some of the same classes together. I now imagine them all arranging to do their home work together, something few of us other kids did, we stayed out way past dark at play until called up for dinner, that we sometime cooked for our selves or just heated up what our mothers cooked before or after work. A very different kind of life style from the bullied kids of my youth.

More Earth

Upon this day, the death of Stephen Hawking, I am reminded of, say what you will for all the progress and effects of civilization, the best stewards of the land, the earth, Mother Earth, that ever was, Native Americans, indigenous peoples everywhere, could have lived on earth, for many, many billions of years, then left it, without leaving a harmful trace of having lived upon it. More to the point, there would have been no foot print left behind, as with this civilization, carcass after carcass’s, abound…

Television, then and now

I’m old enough to have lived during what is now considered televisions golden age, when there were only three major television networks, all broadcasting in black and white. Then gradually, broadcast color technology matured, almost overnight, the then all-male talk show hosts began appearing in loud tricolored sport coats, with even louder striped colored ties, often opening their coats displaying outrages multicolored abstract linings. Then saner minds took hold at the networks, that we are experiencing today in male on air attire, dark suits, black ties, and white shirts, all quite tame in contrast to the past. That is not the end of the story, all that showing off, of exhibitionism, has now shifted to the faces of every female that has anything to do with televised news broadcasting, so much so, that I often turn away from the screen, as to not be distracted by all the flashy streaked hair colors, not found in nature, the long false eyelashes and enough grease on bright red lips to slip on a floor, if walked upon. It’s all mostly have become about the hair, among some ethnicities, a straight hair wig may be employed for uniformity among female anchors, with rosy cheeks, when their applied to their skin pigmentation, makes them appear rather clownish, if not down right bizarre. 

Thank goodness for the practical among us

Today on Varney & Co., on The Fox Business Network, featured a segment on a student skipping college, an honor student, to become a grease monkey, a mechanic. Raelee Nicholson, simply explained that she liked getting her hands dirty, working on cars, so what? you may ask. Well I’ll tell you so what, growing up in my younger days in NYC, it was the less then scholarly students that were encouraged not to waste they’re and the states time and money at a four-year university, but to attend a two year or less, institution of practical, functional training, meaning a vocational educational school, a trade school. Well I’m here to write, that so many of those so called less then scholarly, grew up to become the best of those now employed in the trades, why, simply because they had the smarts and that special calling to excel, and anyone that ever had to have their home or car, repaired, are now glad of their choices too.

Gerontology of Mind

There is a scene in the movie, “Eye of the Needle”, in which the leading lady, played by, Kate Nelligan, battles a German spy, Donald Sutherland, in a storming pouring rain in and around a lighthouse, a nightmare for any on set make-up technician for sure, who later must appear in a shore line closing scene, bone dry, looking as if she just left the make-up chair, hair and make-up fully restored from her earlier appearances. So, this is Hollywood, as we the dim-witted consumer of all sort of fakery duly accept, just as we are expected to accept the Connor’s of 1988, that include, Roseanne Barr and John Goodman and others, into our homes without anyone of them having aged, without even one lonely strand of gray hair, and we gladly do so without questioning or wondering, how is this possible. No matter at this stage of the game, as this fakery has now bled into our television journalists, and journalism, who all look like they just left university, or more to the point, how they must have looked way back then. Jane Fonda is eighty-years old, Gloria Steinem, has been around since the first sparks of the feminist movement, not to make a spectacle of these ladies, but it does say something phony about them wanting to appear as before, and of us, enabling them to cash in on this fakery with all the encouragement we can muster. “Darling, you look marvelous”, when you look faked up and old. Its no crime to be or to appear so and should be a sport of pride and flaunted at every turn, and not be hidden with surgery and pounds of make-up at great expense. In old Hollywood, glamorous leading ladies, wake up in the morning looking like a cover girl. I remember Marlene Dietrich in a movie, we are led to believe has been slogging in a steaming hot jungle for weeks, looking like a cover girl on a Vogue magazine cover in every scene, but that’s all right, we accept it and will continue to do so, after all, ‘we are Hollywood’, and it is already deeply engrained in our cultural self, meaning, us…

King of the Korean Peninsula

As anyone deeply knowledgeable of American foreign or trading policies must very well know, that few close allies would ever branch out on their own with an independent theory, that is even remotely conversely to that of the U.S. So, if any credit is to be given to bringing the North Koreans in from the cold, must be given to the new leadership in South Korea, under President Moon Jae-in, as other past South Korean Presidents, either lack the vision or were hand tied by U.S. policy, and dared not step out of line. We now know that it was Moon who ‘told’ President Trump of his plan to send a special envoy to North Korea in response to an invitation from North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, the key word here is, ‘told’, not ‘asked’ if it would be, ‘ok’. Further, it was Moons decision to accept a senior North Korean delegation, including, Kim Jong Un sister to the Olympics that led to a crack in the ice clad foreign policies of all three nations of the past decades. I am not so naive as to not consider that the largest package of sanctions played an all-important part in ending the perseverance of outdated 1950’s era policies, they did. However, it was Moon that provided the much-needed grease, that helped ease the way into a world that now finds itself, in the bosom of a little more of a nuclear safe world, well sort of…