Television News, Present and Future

Genetically modified plants, as in plants consumed by humans to increase their crop yields, sound promising and desirable, until the danger of creating an uncontrollable Frankenstein type monster comes into play. Such precautionary fears, are under consideration along with the science of genetic engineered babies, knowing that Americans already have a unnatural preference for blond hair and blue eyes, with genetic engineering the population may become saturated with that desired trait, there is currently an over supply of dye head blonds on televison in network newsrooms, that, thank goodness is by outside the body means, it will only take a baby step to add blue contact lenses, we are not there yet, or are we? With the promise of genetic engineered babies, there may come a time when televison network nurseries will be filled with an overabundance of blond blue-eyed future news contributors, soon trained to read the news on televison, guaranteeing the highest of ratings, today, even those ethnics where blond dyed hair, blue eyes, would seem a bit clownish, are left to simply lighten their hair to achieve that same marketing win. Speaking of the clown effect, we already have so many dyed dark-haired males in newsrooms and in Congress, generating laughs with every appearance, some well into their seventies, and then some, as if the public is hanging on their every word because of their fake youthful appearance, when visual deceit has never been a pleasantry to behold on any level, especially on television, daily.

76 Million Strong

During these inconvenient truth days of the Summer of 2018, CBS Sunday Morning got into a repeat segmental mode, luckily for me, it gave me a chance to rethink one of their classic presentations. I begin with this question; does the color of one’s skin make a difference in how once perceives a person, yes, no? How about their hair color? Editor’s note: Martha Teichner’s personal life is so well hidden, her age for this posting could not be determined, let’s just say well over 50-years-of age. Michael Lindell is 57-years-old, I can’t help myself from thinking, the success of his My Pillow television campaign is because he does not appear with any age-related gray hair, in his commercials, none of the participating actors do either. In view of the above, CBS Sunday Morning was all to happy to re-air a brief bio segment on Mr. Lindell and his company by the before mentioned Martha Teichner, each conveniently appearing without any gray hair in keeping with today’s marketing trend of certain people appearing in youth hair, which of course, favors no gray hair on any of the oldest of television personalities, many of which we have been watching since their teens, or younger. As Rachel Maddow has been asking regarding ‘other’ phenomenon; why’s this? I can answer by blaming it on ‘baby boomers’, the post WW2 birth bulge, all 76 million of them, who grew up never envisaging themselves as old, as old as their parents, and don’t like to see the elderly, even if it’s a representation picture of themselves, even in a stereotypical or fictional narrative (prose) image. “In Buddy’s eyes

I’m young, I’m beautiful.

In Buddy’s eyes

I don’t get older”. Songwriter Stephen Soundheim from Broadway’s Follies, 1971…

What has televison news become?

Have you noticed, 85% of all female television journalists have started appearing in white powdered wigs, no, that’s because that’s not true, but here’s what is, 85% of all female television journalists, including news contributors, light dye their hair, it can’t be just to hide the gray, though indeed it does, I think it has more to do with appearing as being glamourous. Which begs the question, what does the appearance of glamourous have to do with journalism, nothing, but television news has morphed into a highly profit earning branch of show business, with audience viewing numbers bringing in the big bucks, televison news as was early envisioned, was not supposed or expected to make money, was a loss leader, among the network departments, the real money was expected to be earned in the entertainment divisions of comedy and drama. Once the earning potential of the news division was realized, the female journalist’s appearance was maximized to include, smoky eyes, pouting greasy red lips, long false eyelashes, blond dyed streaking hair, and if necessary, synthetics, all as if in pursuit of only the male of the species, marketing research reveals, news is of more interest to men than females, so the targeting has been fined tuned, to a kinda tamed displayed sexual arousal. The few females in this marketing scope, now includes males without any gray hair, dark headed men regardless of age, having never appeared in the ’salt and pepper’ stage of hair aging.

The idea for this post came to me one day when a city bus rolled by with a picture of the local news team on its side, looking like a Hollywood promo shot for a romantic chick movie.

 It is strongly urged at this point, for you to do your own, ‘look see’, research for confirmation of the issued raised in this post…no need to get back to me, I already know of your findings…

Now, On To The Midterms

This fall during the mid-term political campaigns, I would like to think and hope, the candidates would be putting forward ideas and policies that would be of benefit to the people of a given district, instead of the countless dollars being spent on ‘opposition research’, the digging up of scandalous dirt on an opponent which may enhance the campaign prospects but in the long run, does little or nothing for the constituency. The other big dollar amount of a campaign is being spent on appearance, of both genders, hair dye and make-up fakery, echoing, Deng Xiaoping, “It doesn’t matter if a cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice”? Also, upon entering the debate arena full of candidates and press, it will be very difficult to determine who are the candidates and who are the press, since they both will be decked out in the most youthful of elaborate hair and make-up, fraudulency, ever spent outside of a Hollywood film production. Some would like to blame this era of deceit appearance on this era of Trump, but the germ of fake vanity is quite inborn, just waiting for a seemingly legitimate chance to be sanctioned by official Washington and this American President and his supporters. The guaranteed wisdom of the appearance of a little gray hair is to be avoided at all cost, with the mounting cost of the weekly hair dye treatment.  

“Don’t Trust Anyone Over Thirty”

I’ve got to stop watching television when someone else is in the room, I never know when the urge to blurt out something, uncontrollably, takes over my mouth and mind. While watching New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez, I yelled out, that I don’t believe anything he says, my neighbor asked why, I very forthrightly stated, he dyes his hair. That was followed by the rest of the news program, that included a mix gender panel of television journalists, analyst’s and contributors numbering about ten in several segments, all appeared, except one, clearly dye their hair, confirming, when watching television, from commercials to reality news programing, marketing fakery is in vogue, they all dye their hair, so who can you trust? no one…

Television is full of…dark haired old men

I remember my first three-piece Easter suit, was told by my brother to leave the bottom hole of the vest unbuttoned, below is the reasoning he kinda suggested.


“A custom still sometimes practised is to leave the bottom button undone. This is said to have been started by King Edward VII (then the Prince of Wales), whose expanding waistline required it.” Excerpted from Wikipedia.


The sale of men’s undershirts dropped perceptibly when in the 1934 film, “It Happened One Night”, the very popular actor, Clark Gable removed his shirt revealing not to be wearing an undershirt.

“Monkey see, monkey do”, traditionally, a practice, easily observed among female primates, being it seems to be the cultural prime directive of age denying, are more readily and willing to engage in such practices over a lifetime, a visual representation of a thirty-year married couple, only the male would appear with gray hair. Lately, in stupid imitating stupidity, the males of the species have taken on a very aggressive perception of this blond dyed fake haired resident of the White House. No where else can it be seen, in such greater numbers than ever before, than on the heads of those that appear on a regular basis on televison. Taken to the extreme, a seventy-year-old journalist, without a hint of gray hair would be laughable anywhere else except on televison, not in a drama, but on a serious newscast, that should be reflective of reality, not a fantasy in comedy. It now seems every male television personality is experiencing a crisis of the middle age, some even way before their time of being bitten by that youthful hair bug. Cultural stupidity, once seen cannot help but to repeat itself, in the mind of the deceitful from the early stages of their lives to the present, and now, beyond.


“There ain’t nothing like a blond”, or a dark-dye haired old man on television…  

Spokespersons, Dressed

This week an insurance company has embarked on a new string of television commercials with an old tried and true spokesperson, a sixty-four-year old actor, with hair, none of it gray, gently overlooking that he is in real life, bald. Nothing new here, we have seen this all before. Television commercials for a discount travel rate company, has featured a bald headed eighty something year old actor for years, and thought nothing of its deceit, as long as his baldness was well hidden, just goes to prove, the cover-up in televison commercials is expected and very much accepted, in most cases, a coverup would be the crime, if found out, not the act of the coverup, in and of itself, pay nothing to that trick meaningless phrase, just like the practicing coverup in television commercials. Now on to all those dye head female blonds populating broadcast news rooms and commercials for products sometimes that have nothing to do with hair care, just the fakery of the ongoing display.