First Chicken, Then Egg?

I guess just like some age groups, some hear Yanny or Laurel, I can’t understand some of the lyrics being sung at the 2018 Billboard Music Award telecast, it’s my wonder if any of these song lyrics were tested in advance for English comprehension or even coherence, enunciation, in so many takes that it would take for them to be perfect, hate to sound like an old fuddy-duddy, but, in my day, a microphone and a baby spot, was all that was required to put forward a song, today, its all about the visual, even if, what is heard, cannot possibly be understood, in this age of elaborate hair extensions, dyes and costumes, there is nothing wrong with any of the above, only we have to admit that its all about the theatrics and not so much the music anymore. Let’s ask the question, which comes first the music or the video? Or is it both at the same time, exploring one vision, is that practical? Are we judging the start of Billboards Visual Awards? Or, Billboards Music and Visual Awards? There was a time when the video was an extension in explanation, or illustration of a song, now, it can be completely divorced from it, a standalone entity. (Somebody cue the background dancers). Welcome to American Bollywood. I don’t reckon The Beatles would be able to excel in this climate, all they did was stand and sing with such clarity, though the lyrics were simple enough, still no on-screen metro lyric display on a device would ever be necessary for the message to be delivered to both heart and mind.

A Wedding by Television

I wanted to somehow whitness The Royal Wedding, via television, didn’t want to stay up or wake up early to do so, though my DVR is cloud based, it does have limited storage; what to do? I had the pick of two networks in my mind that I thought would deliver the goods for me, which can be a hard choice, since for me its all about the screen, a clean screen. I figured since MSNBC recently abandoned the news crawl, they would be a reasonable choice, I was deeply wrong, like most of their day time broadcast, it was loaded with more on-screen baloney to the point of an annoyance. For this post I took to paper to list some of the crap, in complaint, the list got so long, I soon ended that chore, and will just write that it would have taken up too much space and time to do so. My other choice was PBS, that seemed to have cut a deal with the BBC, were the only distraction, was the faded, dimmed, ‘Thirteen’ logo in the corner of the screen, compared to MSNBC was quite acceptable. This presentation had an extra added attraction, the much appreciated, BBC descriptive English, that was spoken with care. In conclusion, this blogger finds it hard to determine which network, ‘takes the cake’ in screen clutter, MSNBC or CNN, both are guilty in the extreme… 

Fair Lady?

I don’t want to say that the divine right of kings came about only in Europe, the theory can and was justified whenever power could be seized with absolute authority, that developed into an inherit domination of empires. Such kingdoms were traded, in bred, among a small group of sovereigns, monarchs, if you will, through marriages, concentrating power, wealth, military might, within a very small group of the enlightened. I think it can be noted, at one time in history, almost all the crown heads of Europe were related, either by blood or marriage. Cementing such a small gene pool, unfortunately led to all sort of inherited genetic disorders, such as hemophilia, or even madness, long before it was known, was simply a person that was mentally deranged, if among the peasantry, who cared, but in a ruling monarch and their heirs, can be damaging for kingdoms and history, long term. The more powerful among the lot, were able to set up sister monarchies, installed with close relatives, further concentrating the available hereditary genes, guaranteeing a very small slice of DNA, amplifying all impurities, sometimes, for centuries. The above may seem like a long trip to have someone welcomed into what is perceived as fresh genes with the marriage of Miss Meghan Markle into the House of Windsor, however, there is a rumor, no, fact, that her father, may have ancestors that hail from way back to King Edward III of England, that she may not be that far removed from some sort of royalty, although it may prove to be a very minor one, as for her, freshly sprinkling into the royal gene pool is concerned, may not matter that much, long term…  

Comfort T.V.

I’m guessing it was about five years ago, it was decided that those that watch televised news, like for the female news readers, thanks to the employment of hair dye, to have light colored hair, afro-textured hair, not so much, so, light-colored hair won out, afro-textured hair, did not, which may sound like an exclusion of certain ethnics, it does not, because of synthetics and hair dye, all can become equal. American television has become a media of comfort, given the oppertunity to watch televised news from other countries, one would find a lot of unpleasant images, not so on American televison, the stories may sound unpleasant, the images are seldom. These days, there is as much theatrical make-up applied to the faces of female journalist, as females appearing in a theatrical production, so, what does a journalist, a female television journalist, need with facial make-up, its all about that comfort zone Americans like to view television in, their news content and those that present it to them. There is more feel good television stores on American television than anywhere else in all media worldwide…

A No Nuke North, Not Yet

“Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” Edmund Burke

Any current, up to date, high school history book, or at the very least, any second-tier career state department employee, could have warned this administration of the pitfalls of dealing with North Korea, based on past experiences, if only they were consulted, could have offered some valued in-depth background. This state department seemed to have been self-purged without replacements. Any meetings with North Korea, at the highest levels, should have taken years to set up, set up with strict hard to break guide lines, agreed to by both sides far in advance. Diplomacy by tweak is not binding, incomplete, is more often, rather one sided.

Mother Nature instead of equipping some creatures with brawn and intelligence, equipped them with subtle defenses, like a poisonous flesh, intoxicating odor, or a thorny body, if they could be asked, would they exchange their current defenses for brawn and intelligence, the answer I’m sure will be a resounding no. 

Don’t Now Start Telling It Like It Is

I’ve set about in two posts, trying to prove that what we are now experiencing in television news reporting, journalism, largely stem from the lessons learned from the Kennedy-Nixon televised presidential debate. To rehash, those that listened to the debate on the radio, came away with a win for Nixon, because that presentation lacked any visual distractions, only sound arguments, those that watched on television, came away with a win for Kennedy, because he was able to strike a more pleasing appearance, if any sound arguments were presented, they were clouded in the visual distractions of the man. Any photos of 94-year-old Robert Mugabe, or every tinhorn dictator will reveal, a person without any displayed gray hair, just as any appearance of every female television journalist, it can be noticed, no gray hair either, which seem to be spreading among the males of the species, as well as members of congress, where it’s not only their odd comments that must be dealt with, but their odd unaged appearance as well. 77-year-old George Will appeared with 66-year-old Lawrence O’Donnell on his televison show, an unaged sight to behold, a linked image that can be found all over the air ways of any network presenting a news program, are we the viewer to think that the news goes down any better with such a filtered appearance of deceit? And what about all those women appearing in an all too obvious synthetics, should we be fact checking their reports for deceit as well since their appearance is bathed in it. If anyone is going to be playing a messenger of truth and reason on television, it should at its minimum began and end with one’s appearance; after all, just who can one trust?


Everyone is posting a remembrancers of their mother, it’s the season for it, here’s mine.

At one of my weekly visits, it was a Saturday, my mother had laid out on the kitchen table all the contents of her freezer, had a boiling pot of water on the stove, to be placed inside the freezer of her refrigerator, to aid in its defrosting, if she had not performed this chore every month or so the accumulated frost would build up resulting in the inside of the freezer becoming smaller and smaller with condensed frost buildup. So, I suggested that she get an auto defrost refrigerator, like the one I have, and that was the last time that subject was ever discussed. It was years later, long after she had passed, as to why it was not even on her radar of appliance upgrade. Her current refrigerator was such an advancement from her childhood kitchen appliance it is hard for us in the twenty first century to comprehend, in her day, there was the ice box. Once a week or so a pick-up truck, with an ice-man, as he was called, as there was a coal-man too, but that’s for another posting, would deliver a block of ice cut to size of one’s ice box, carry it up sometime flights of stairs, placing it inside, a tray would be placed at its bottom to catch its daily drippings that would have to be emptied within hours on warm days. I don’t want to suggest that my mother’s refrigerator was advancement enough for her, that would be wrong, but with any consideration of her past kitchen appliance, one could readily understand her current advancement to an electric refrigerator and be very much satisfied, even with its once a month or so of routine maintance.