Your Gray Hair May Be Killing You

From 1999 to present, Carl Quintanilla has worked mostly for the NBC family of networks, not once in all those years has, he been seen with one single hair of gray on the air, even though he is forty-eight-years-old, old enough to have had just a little at one time or another. The above in of its self is not unusual, few journalists, that regularly appear on televison these days, show any evidence of them ever having had a head of gray hair that can seldom be found. Almost all of the above can be applied to Michael Santoli too, only he didn’t join the NBC family until 2015, it has to be noted that his age, like that of a lot of others, seemed to have been scrubbed from the internet. It’s a wonder to this blogger, that while most news organizations like to explore at the end of the year, the top news stories of the past year. Not one of them dared to name, ‘hair dying’ as one of them, even though the practice has reached an epidemic stage, not only on television, in movies, in Congress, in the everyday lives of almost everyone now living on earth. To highlight the importance of hair dye in political leadership, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has been dyeing his hair right up to his current age of 95, to go down a list of current world leaders that also dye would take an exhausting amount of time and print of a who’s who in country state leadership worldwide. What is it about the desire to paint oneself with an image not of one’s true self, I confess will never fully understand, especially when it can so easily be discovered as being false, no make that a lie and an insult to all in view of the deceit? And yet it continues on to its current epidemic stages, enjoying even more popularity than ever before. I predict the only way this appearance fakery will ever slow down if it was found that the toxic chemicals used to hide the gray are deadly, seeping through the scalp using the brain as a passage way to the rest of the body poisoning it, oh wait, smoking does much the same too, and it continues into an ongoing continuum, if only it was much like a B-plus vitamin, nourishing the body, preventing megaloblastic anemia, and then on to a long and health filled life with a head full of non-nourishing age related gray hair…Oh, the wonderment of it all…

Only By Name (from now on)

I’ve lived in New York State since birth, the home state of this American President, I first noticed his ‘box office’ when he completed the renovation of the Wollman ice (skating) rink, to great fanfare. From then on everything he thought or did was front page news, before the renovation I didn’t even know or care who he was. When he announced his candidacy for the presidency, all the television networks seemed to want to cash in on his ‘box office’, his image was everywhere, televison news programs, magazine covers and the like. Whenever a new person’s image breaks in the news, they can be seen almost 24/7, then it soon wanes for the next new person of interest, the reason given is for the public to get to know the image. It has been said that network news programing made this President, President, by its never-ending marketing of his image, giving his ‘box office’, ‘box office’. Today, after spending three hours of news viewing, the ‘box office’ of this American President can still be cashed in on, seemingly providing income for the networks, with their numerous never-ending images of him, as he still manages to dominate the air ways in stills and clips, even though we all know what he looks like. I have often wondered if the networks are to this day getting paid extra with every display of his image with an increase in viewer numbers, just like they did and hoped for before he was President?

The Mice Are Out At Play

I snappishly hope everyone is enjoying this extra degree of professional fakery by way of hair dye and facial make-up in farce, being displayed on the faces of those commenting both pro and con, on these current and past government shutdowns, ‘you ain’t seen nothing yet’, there is so much more to come after it’s all over, when all the, ‘I told you so’s’ are broadcast, as I am now predicting. It seems even the permanent television program hosts are upping their phoney appearance game, the female anchors lips have gotten redder and greasier as they make way for a new cadre of print journalists never before seen on television. As if this dissimulation of one’s person-self, in some elementary form of enhancement, gives some proper credence to their remarks but only degrade it and themselves into a deeper funerary with little or no remorse or regret…with me asking, how can you? No, how dare you? Are you a journalist or not, or just some show business freak of the profession? Have just seen three streaking blond dyed head female journalists in split screen, yes, there is something freakishly becoming quite clear about this whole affair of journalists even males, in newly dyed black top heads, that are appearing on television in a very certain fad mode, it may be time to kill all those would be network marketing employs, before the industry reaches a peek of no recovery, winding up on the trash heap of industrial communications in suicide. And now, some of you may know why I write, ‘The mice are out at play’, performing before our very clear eyes in open farce…


During the last glory days of old Hollywood, when the big studios were in control, they favored their highly paid old-line movie stars under long term contracts almost to a fault. A new breed of marketing managers noticed the lack of interest of the younger generation in their current crop of movies, something had to be done. So, they urged the casting of one or two teen idles in small speaking roles, placed ads in teen magazines as if the idles where the stars, that drew more younger people to the movies, saving old Hollywood from itself. Never underestimate the influence of a powerful marketing campaign, and how it can affect your choices in almost everything you do and products you buy. The 2020 presidential candidates are already lining up for your kind consideration, which has often been referred to as a ‘beauty contest’ and for good reason, no where has hair dye become a more important marketing tool, except for the marketing of television journalists, does hair dye make for a better presidential candidate, or a more accurate news reporter, this new wave of marketing managers hope you think so as they plow with all their might into the effort of trying to influence your choice of a presidential candidate and a news program hoping you will watch. Had enough streaking dye head female blonds yet, well, you ain’t seen nothing yet, there is so many more of them to come, some even daring to appear wigged, begging for screen time and your attention…I hope not to fail in mentioning the no ‘gray hair’ male anchors and reporters too, they seem to be on the rise like never before, some illuminating and appearing well into their seventies, and dare I predict, and beyond.

Pretentious and Frequently Displaying Talent

I recently did a Google image search of the actor Tom Cruise for this piece, not that I wanted to include one, just wanted to see how this 56-year-old actor has weathered all these many years, could not find one of him pictured with any age related gray hair, talk about image control, like the gravity power of a black hole were not even a single beam of light can excape. After watching the Kennedy Center Honors, an image search of Cher was conducted, not one of a gray-haired Cher could be found either, (a character she played, Ruby Sheridan, somebodies’ grandmother was found), anyway, resulting in an age zero-image search. I now understand how an aging image of a show business personality can put a stumper on a career, as back story, when image can mean a leading part in a movie, however, does not explain the dyed hair of 85-year-old Jazz saxophonist Wayne Shorter, and how his aging image will affect his playing or his career. It’s so easy these days to just follow the crowd, do whatever they do, like during the Kennedy Honors, sitting on one’s hands while the entire auditorium is standing and clapping to the music, not only would it be considered rude, but not following the crowd, an insult to the on-stage performing artist. Which brings me to the real point of this blog, the image of the television journalist, is their image so important and would be so damaging if aging females, or males for that matter, exhibited just a little age-related gray hair, does the marketing of their image depend on a youthful appearance and program viewer numbers? If so, kindly explain the connection. I always thought journalism was truth in storytelling, not to be dressed up in an image as an aid allowing the storied medicine to go down easier, delivered by a prettied up blond dye head, delivered package, if so then the story being reported cannot be trusted either, raising the question, are we being told the whole story or just the pretty parts, leaving out the unpleasant, not easily told or digested? Televison journalism, the new and confirmed element of the age old ‘show business’ degree…televison journalists have just become a performing act on the stage of a backlot televised news room, journalists jumping through a fire circled hoop, with words and film at 11…Included with the televise news program, one can ‘expect more’, claims a CBS marketing campaign, more hair dye that can be found on any Broadway stage or any theatrical movie set. So, how can a network get viewers to watch a would-be boring news program, color the hair on the head of the anchors and slap a wig on the reporters and the eye balls will follow to any programing, like naked ladies to a peep show.

This piece is dictated to the ears of today’s jet black dyed male televison journalists and politicians, appearing just as phoney as this American President does with his blond all over-head dye treatments.


The Federal minimum wage is $7.25, but is that enough to live on, many think not. A living wage as supposed, for many is sufficient to provide minimally satisfactory living conditions, but is that true? The argument of minimum wage vs. living wage continues in full disarray. It’s my reasoning it’s because of the cost of living. What if an average two bed room apartment was affordable for one who only earned $7.25, if public transportation did not cost, if a week of nourishing food for a family of four could be well fed on the Federal mandated minimum wage, then the annual fight for higher wages across the board, would have been won a long time ago. But wages and living cost have seemingly always been out of sync, where the two have never been able to meet no where no how. In the mind of the 2019 American type socialist, this nation cannot long continue in this struggle between the haves and have nots, they must be able to meet somewhere so that both can not only survive but “live long and prosper”. In this capitalist mind of mine, there has never been a way to control the cost of living, it’s in the capitalist mindset to charge ever more for product and service, to earn ever more for same, even if it’s not an essential requirement to survive, there my friend lies the rub, enough said…now continue on your way, earning and spending like its 1999…all over again… Special thanks to New York’s Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for the inspiration in the fueling of this piece…and future arguments to take place at every other family dinner table from now on…

The Wizard Living in The White House

“It’s fairly easy to see the parallels between the fire-breathing huckster known as The Great and Powerful Oz and the 45th president of the United States. There’s the hulking projected head. The bellowing voice and menacing talk from behind the stage curtain. The glittering trappings of regal luxury. The obedient and unbending military guards. The absent wife. The weighty proclamations. And of course, the jewel of a city — a nation locked inside an impenetrable towering wall — a necessity in times of upheaval, threat or perceived siege. The Wizard of Oz, like every good showman has his bag of tricks, his signature skills of stage craft. With political leaders, they have an added benefit. A devout party of followers who unwittingly conspire with the showman to sell his sleight-of-hand magic trick.
For the larger captive audience, unwilling to go along with the sleep-inducing magic trick, a strong independent voice shouting from the back of the auditorium is needed to shake the slumbering masses and call out the trickster’s hoax for what it is, a wizard’s illusion.” The above excerpted from, Sophie’s Tale, web site.

Every time I hear this American President speak, I ask myself, where is the proof of his financial wizardry, his writing skills, his knowledge of history, or of his expertise on any subject of life’s importance, upon a very careful examination, my conclusion has always been a big fat ZERO. And yet, he has managed to place himself, no make that, we, have managed to place him into a position of national leadership without any concrete proof of competency of any kind, which is increasingly becoming overwhelming in evidence as the curtain is being all too often slowly pulled back by investigative journalists of the first order, all the while being labeled as harbingers of conspiratorial theories and worse, who dare to expose, to clear the atmosphere of all the clouding smoke of deception of his making that is copied by the dyeing of hair as some sort of proof that a youthful head of hair is more telling and a marketable knowledge of a person’s worth than the gray head of hair of proven ageless wisdom, that have been lived, replaced with some false vision of a youthful indiscretion leading only to a kinda ‘doom and gloom’.