Through some freak political haphazard that is national Republican politics, if Trump should somehow manage to stand for reelection, can be easily defeated in New York City by the simplistic utterance of one ward, ‘traffic’.

Take Pride In Your Old Age

I’ve been trying to figure out why all this hair dyeing, it did not start with the leader of the free world, (Angela Merkel), she has been doing so for years, not even with the President of the U.S. blond dying his hair, ninety percent of all the world leaders engage in this masquerade, along with some high-profile media talent and numerous members of congress, it’s like a child appearing in their parents clothing. Why can’t these old coffin-dodgers grow up and start looking their real true to life age? And stop playing dress up, every time I see one, I think, how silly they look in a dyed head of hair, they don’t really look any younger, they must know that, who are they kidding. Even if their true age is not researched and known, their station in life will give them away every time, no young person has achieved what they have achieved in their long life, if I could talk to each one of them I would say, ‘you are old, start basking in your old age and take pride in it and looking the part, it’s no sin, just in bad taste to appear in youth hair, in fakery’.

One last point, I will probably never be invited to appear on ABC’s The View, nor The Talk, The Real or the new imitation, The Sister Circle on TV One, because the subject will never be women and gray hair or the lack of it in society and or on television…Women that appear on The View must first check their gray hair at the studio door, or so it seems…no?

And oh yes, the female running for governor of New Jersey must first check her hair and make-up before each campaign stop and must pass some kinda ‘pretty test’ if she hopes to be elected… There is no hope for us living in this Wendy Williams world…but we try and try again…

You Don’t Know Us

My next-door neighbor claim to have vacationed in the Virgin Islands off and on for years watching the hurricane devastation seem to hit him very hard, however, he regrets never got to know the people culturally, having flown into a compound then out only encountering the resort staff one on one with requests like another clean towel, please

A Pompous Display

I watched the opening of Miss America 2018 planning just to (blog) count the number of blond heads, it seems this year to have been some sort of record, became clear that the number would be too numerous to count, kinda like female journalistic contributors on television, settled instead to count those that are not, coming up with only three or four, these days of faddish heir dying who can tell if that number is even correct, dark dyed hair, is reserved for the one’s now in their nineties no longer competing, some in their sixties still are, no matter the hair color, a cookie cutter of body shapes was configurated to ensure uniformity a long time ago. Where did these ladies learn how to walk on beach sand in heels in a bathing suit, they didn’t? Whenever I hear the phrase ‘evening wear’ I can’t help wanting to see them carrying a torch to illuminate their way across the stage just like in that television commercial panning the fashions of the old Soviet Union. As for talent, few can doubt what it must take to compete for years in judging pageants. And now a question from the judges; who were Ernest & Young? They were the juggling act that opened for Molly and her Penguins when they all appeared on the same bill in Atlantic City in 1932. And the crowning winner this year is Miss Irma Harvey of 2017…

Host & Guest

Yesterday’s Rachel Maddow Show, for the interview featured Hillary Clinton, opened with the banner, One-On-One with Hillary Clinton which was displayed throughout the interview along with other banners as the discussed subject changed, invoking a lot of reading, probably the 9p broadcast displayed a news crawl too, more reading adding more of a distraction. Leading this blogger to declare that for clear purity of conversation in the interview format, Charlie Rose on PBS where the only deciphering necessary is on the faces of the host and guest.

Who Is Writing This History?

It has been well known and reported for years that in majority Buddhist Myanmar, Rohingya Muslims have been discriminated and threated with violence in what the U.N. Secretary-General called, ‘ethnic cleansing’. It is little wonder that a small defensive band among the Rohingya have begun to fight back, in so doing have been libeled terrorist, much like all abused minorities the world over at one time or another, a few groups come to mind, Irish-Catholics of the United Kingdom, Jews of Warsaw, Vietnamese of the First Indochina War, Vietnamese of the Vietnam War, Palestinians of the Palestinian Authority, Northern & Southern peoples of Yemen, and finally, settlers of the Americas of 1776, all the above at one point have been branded terrorist, for not laying down like a door mat, enduring whatever mistreatment that was doled out to them, offering no augments. The label of terrorist can only be lifted after the struggle has been won with the victorious writing the history to be studied usually altered to fit the victors point of view…

“For Profit” can be deadly

During a recent heatwave in New York City the city fathers urged its citizens on radio and television to check in on relatives and neighbors scattered about the city to see how they are faring, making sure they can endure safely during these hot summer months. And yet in Florida, in a nursing home, a rehabilitation center, housing numerous elderly, located directly across from a fully staffed hospital, eight residents died, I’m thinking from heat related issues. This might not mean much, but then again it may, that this facility is a for profit nursing home, in my view, for profit can mean to cut cost and make money… sometime at the expense of its core mission…