The assessment and conclusion of this post on its surface may seem incomplete because I lack the financial skills to paint a complete budgetary picture of what I propose, when such a point is reached I will simply write, ‘plus-dollars’.

The building of a wall on the southern border of the United States will require soaring ‘plus- dollars’, which as a matter of course must include a maintance team to repair normal ware and tear, a uniformed security force, with vehicles, weapons, off duty housing and a detention center to house violators, a fully staffed auxiliary judiciary system, all costing ‘plus-dollars’. A much more logical, cheaper option would be the funding of a kinda Marshall Plan designed as a cure for some of the failing states of the southern and central American states, the building of and repairing of sound infrastructure, with their recovery, the future of trading and security states with strong economies very much like our own, with the aim for its peoples to stay at home building a prosperity for the entire region to share. The cost to the American people a one time, ‘plus-dollar’, instead of the continued expense of a living southern wall, that probably can be assessed as a very high, ‘plus-dollar’, I’m thinking for many generations to come.

The Midterms in Focus

A writer under contract had some moderate success with the short story format, this personage’s publisher thought it about time for an upgrade to long form, awarded a high figure advance, rented a cottage in some out of the way forest, so the task could be accomplished without bother. When the galley proofs were approved, a marketing manager was hired, book tour arranged. The marketing manager took one long look at the writer, then commented, if you want to sell books you have got to dye your hair. The writer was taken aback, wondering, what does the color of hair have to do with the buying and selling of books, in the end, the reading of books, the marketing manager replied with certain experienced authority, everything, plain and simple.
The two major party candidates for President in 2016, both dyed their hair, having perceived some marketing advantage in having done so. At this time, this blogger is asking every voter, to take note of which current candidates running in the upcoming midterms, that dye their hair, my reasoning, if they would go so far as to dye their hair, engaging in that level of fakery and deceit, perceive it as having a marketing advantage over other candidates that don’t, what else is in their arsenal of promotional tactics that they are willing to employ to get elected, like the consideration of and the altering of views to fit the current market place of issues important to and of in any given congressional district like the one you live in…

“What you see is what you get”

While sitting on a park bench a bus rolls by, on its side is a typical ad picture of the newest local television news team appearing at 6p daily, this image is blasted to memory because of its depiction of three pouting streaking obviously blond dyed women, and four Hollywood type males appearing filled with youthful enthusiasm, those that don’t will have their hair dyed, all seven looking as if they just stepped out of a fashion magazine cover onto the side of this bus. A few months later it was noticed the ratings were only modest after having spent a small fortune on an ad campaign displayed on almost every bus in the city. Meanwhile, a competing station on an advertising budget, launched a single giant billboard at one of the busiest city intersections, no images, but with the station call letters, broadcast times, 6p-11p, with one simple message, boasting the most journalistic and meteorological degrees than any other New York City newscast team, plus, a well-known sports personality (fill in the blank) with sports. And forgive me for adding, the ratings whet through the roof, proving the people don’t what a news team that looks good, but a news team that can report the news well, just ask “Charlie the Tuna”. “And that’s my story”.
And now a little ad history excerpted from Wikipedia…about one ad campaign that featured Jerry Rosenberg with a Brooklyn accent so thick you could pour and drink from a cup.
“Beginning in 1971, Rosenberg appeared in a series of advertisements for JGE that started with the off-screen line “What’s the story, Jerry?” and ended with another off-screen line “So that’s the story, Jerry,” in which he would reply in his trademark accent “That’s the story!”
“Rosenberg ran the business with his brother Charles. In 1974, The New York Times said they “may well be the first appliance merchants who have made the media the message.”
And that is just a little televison ad broadcast history poured in a cup that you can drink, served up New York City style, “hot and crusty”.

Its Not Just Fake News, Its A Fake Appearance Too

Embarking on an advertising televison campaign, it would not be considered wise to hire as a male spokesperson one who is well known to be baldheaded in real life, then place a wig upon their head, must know that that image does not bode well for their product, (discounted travel rates or insurance provider) by that same token, a dye head female of which they all are currently appear on television in any and all capacity faking it, offer the same stain and taint, the darkening of a male’s beard (computer technologies) offer no additional relief either. Television news networks just don’t seem to care, if their on-air talent appear to be fabricated plain and simple, showing no regard for truth in advertising, and by extension, nor truth in journalism or as a news contributor, a soothsayer in resident.

“You go Girl”

Nikki Haley announced departure from her United Nations ambassadorship post brought to mind her very public battle within the old boy network of this administration. There are so many moving parts involved in the running of a government, with so many alterations in policy changing at a moment’s notice it can be impossible for even the best of minds to keep up. It’s my contention that a policy update failed to reach the ambassadors desk before it was publicly announced, leaving her and others in the dark as to the change. So, when she made a statement without knowing of the change, the White House claimed, ‘she,’ as a derogatory term, and girl, must have been confused, which prompted her to aggravatedly shoot back, “With all due respect, I don’t get confused”. One could then hear women everywhere shouting, “you go girl” …

The Not Too Real Stuff

There are currently at least four popular female journalists that appear on televison everyday that are bald, its well known in the industry, only occasionally whispered about as they appear well wigged on the air.
Yesterday, on CBS Sunday Morning a brief profile was presented of former Journey lead singer, Steve Perry with Tracy Smith, it was an excellent presentation simply because they presented themselves in their costum as expected, he a singing rock star, she as a female television journalist, neither appeared out of character in their role playing with any age-related gray hair and so there was none to be seen.
Nobody is writing about, not even the worse gossipy tabloids are even mentioning, like the Willy ‘black top’ Geist as an outing item of interest. And so, in this era of appearance deceit continues, presented through rose colored lenses with everyone clearly enjoying and participating in the farce as a continuum, not even so-called reality TV, has yet to find a footing in displaying this all too not real stuff…

More Dirt Roads, If You Please

Man, to be more precise, civilization continues to encroach on wilderness areas endangering wildlife and by extension, man himself, by not learning to husband found wildlife but to move them out of the way. This encroachment of civilization requires paved roads to transport goods and services, with each pavement water thirsty grounds are destroyed, resulting with the minute amount of rain can produce a torrent flood condition. I have yet to find even one community willing to dig up one paved road as an effort in flood prevention, that has been looked upon as an evil and danger to current civilization trends, a kinda return to dirt roads, though is increasing being realized, a necessary one. Oh, there has been some funding for giant pumps to rid some areas of flood waters, which this blogger finds ridiculous and excessive when mother nature can and has done a much better job of it for centuries and cheaper too, a simple return to thirsty water absorbing grounds, a much more efficient option for now and beyond.