Securty vs. Safety

As much as I hate to admit it fire arm weapons in the home are here to stay in America it would take something more powerful than a crowbar to wrench it lose. That having been said let us consider the degree of protection needed to do the job. A single shot six shooter pistol should do quite well for the average store of family values, values higher than average various stages of weaponry can be available. Law enforcement and national defense weaponry should by design be set at the highest level available.

A minimum evasive communication devise for average conversation between family and friends should suffice, communication higher than average at various stages should be available.

(The point of this post). The weaponry and the encryption software should fit the task, a AK 47 pistol for the home would be overkill, as would the most sophisticated encryption software to communicate the time dinner will be served.

Security and privacy has always been at odds in this modern age but without both of them playing equally on the same field in the same game both can and will be severely hampered…