Too Old To Look Young

Wayne Newton, born 3 April 1942; have you seen a recent image of Wayne Newton? Be prepared to view age denial taken to the extreme. I’m sure there was a stage in your life when for whatever reason the urge to increase your age could not be denied, but then came a tipping point when more and more time is spent lowering your age either on paper or in person.

Sumner Redstone, born 27 May 1923; too old to fully engage in age denial? Perhaps someone is making sure his hair is dyed?

Have just watched Tom Jones, being interviewed on Charley Rose, the contrast could not be more striking between his seventy-five years and the ages of the two above, who has found the secret of how to age in place.

Our tillage of cultivation will not allow us to accept a romancer of songs with a head of gray hair or bald for that matter, as if with age, personal appeal or physical attractiveness is lost, the worse is how we see ourselves, spending millions over a life time to alter the aging appearance. No matter how much is spent, with the help of an aid or walker to help entering into a room, the silent thoughts rang out, ‘just look at that old fool’…