Once A Fan

During the late 1960’s and 70’s I was a quasi- boxing fan chiefly because of the ‘trash talk’ of one its best known prophets of the sport, as I aged it became quite clear that it is one of the most primitive of activities dating back to ancient Rome and the so called games performed in the Colosseum. I was so enticed that I would listen to an event on the radio, a visual event on the radio, go figure. Which brings me to the point of this post; what is driving people to a political rally these days, not some logical wisdom suddenly coming to the forefront, no, it’s ‘trash talk’. It’s a kind of ‘give the people what they want’, blood and guts all over again, reason and a sound cure will always be a hard sell and would take time to explain and put into action, ‘kill the son of a bitch’ is quick and easy to understand, never mind the long term consequences. Just pick a suspect out of the crowd, ‘water board’ them to the jarring of the mob. A confession if obtained is not worth the water spilled or the time taken to wipe it up or to get one.

At a recent press conference in Turkey, The President had to drill down at least three times his winning war policy against ISIS that was not well received, when all he had to utter was some ‘trash talk’, all who heard it would have been well satisfied, however, they would or may have asked for more…


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