The Ugly Season

I am not a sports fan, but after spending hundreds of dollars to view a game at a stadium, then for a fight to break out among the players, me along with the other spectators cheering with excitement, at the farce… upon arriving at home, thinking a fight is not what I wanted to pay for, is how I am beginning to feel about this current political season. Every four years I look forward with great anticipation the glories give and take of a cross fired inspirational political campaign, with a little mud, but not too much, but months away from any actual voting in an election, I am already asking for my money back, or at the very least a better splash guard. I did expect to spend a little time commenting on outrages hair colors and greasy lips on some female news contributors and male dyed hair, or the wearing of a toupee reasoning they are not effective on television without the falsehood, and just maybe some trivial amount of trash talk, but electing a President should be more about ideas, the management of affaires and procedures, not about trashing candidates on trifle subjects that will only be remembered and quoted in history books as a vile comment on these times in which we now find ourselves living in. Let’s compare on television an academic lecture on a life or death situation, a TED talk if you well, and one on whose life partner is sleeping with another, which one will get the large audience numbers, no contest here. Eat your veggie burger it’s good for you while you would rather have an ice cream sundae with extra nuts, this is just what is involved, the nuts, when embarking on a presidential campaign, as an elector or candidate…garbage in garbage out…

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