News that Al Jazzera America is closing its doors in April 2016 is sad news for me as I liked the diversity it represented in the cable news sphere of influence, while I activity campaigned for its inclusion in the market place in 2013, never watched it after seeing it displayed a news crawl, hate news crawls…Getting into the weeds, AJAM never looked any different from any current cable news channel at the time of launch or even today. For me the appeal of AJAM in 2013 was its Qatari roots with a perceived insight into the Arab spring and other stories coming out of the region, who among all available cable news outlets would know better. Why would anyone choose to watch AJAM over other cable news outlets is a little like how some approach a physical newsstand, picking up the publication with the loudest headline or is closest at hand. Looking back, its Qatari pedigrees may have been a hindrance from the start that it could never overcome, meaning any Pan Arabism by association in the west is seen in the negative. Every story can be argued as appearing bias, when it’s not, but prejudices will always rule the day without any logistical considerations, it’s just the way of the world in everything we do or say or think…


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