RePosted From 12/29/2015

Should the personal property of a refugee be seized in payment for their upkeep? I hope not. It would be a sad sight to behold authorities searching asylum seekers person for valuables to be used as the price of entry. I would want whatever small assets a refugee is able to carry into exile will surely be needed in due course to help establish a beachhead in the newly entered country, to seize such property before hand is to leave the refugee without any operating options from the very beginning of what is hopped will be a short stay and if longer an enabling one. This story is currently in the news because Denmark is considering just such a practice as a means of discouragement of future asylum seekers, ‘don’t come to Denmark’, and I may add you will be robbed upon entry. The Danish ministry is moving to justify the increased cost of maintaining refugee families in schools and government sponsored healthcare programs. Few could blame the ministry, it’s just that such a venture leaves a sour taste in the mouths of observers of a time when Nazi’s confiscated property and pulled the gold fillings from the interned and murdered as payment for their deliverance from life. Nordic countries have always been considered one of the most compassionate and genuine in its humanitarianism toward refugees, however, with the current rage of overwhelming numbers even they may be finding their limit, let us hope the rest of the world has not yet reached such a plateau…


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