This Is Real Life

When you hear or think of the colloquial term Mom and Pop, what thoughts come to mind? If you live in a small town, it probably means a kind of aw-shucks general store with an old wood stove in the rear were town folks gather around to gossip. Or if like me raised in The Bronx, New York, it could mean a grocery store across the street stocked with everyday food stuffs like milk, bread, cold cuts, soda and beer. The place where everyone knows your name, your brother, sister and parents too. Where if cash strapped anyone in the neighborhood could ‘sign-in’ a book of account for a few items until a payday. My Mom and Pop store or one like it has been at its location for generations, offering personal services like nowhere else in any kind of ongoing business. Which is why the news that some Walmart Express Stores where closing its doors after driving the local Mom and Pop general stores out of business leaving some communities without any convent stores at all. When Walmart opened these stores it provided employment for far more people than the one or two afterschool positions that were once available. When Walmart Stores came to town it was predicted it would kill off all the Mom and Pop stores, it did, now that they are leaving, there is a vacant void that no one has the funds to fill, in short they killed the downtown too, as there is no real reason to come to visit the area, there is nothing there, it has become a ghost town like those seen in the movies, except this is real life…


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