Free To Travel

You live in the continental United States, what if to travel from state to state you were compelled to show some sort of documental proof of your home state residency, or have to exchange currency, or deal with a rate of exchange on purchased goods and services, these are just a few of the obstacles that were in place comprising twenty-six European countries on Continental Europe or main land Europe or the Continent, before the Schengen Agreement. This agreement since about 1995 gradually abolished border checks between countries (states) just like the continental United States. Regrettably, this one harden progressive agreement thanks to recent influx of emigrational peoples is in danger of being soften into a kind of sliding scale to discourage people traveling between countries. ‘Let me see your papers’ can now be heard at some border crossings sites for the first time since WW2. The Schengen Agreement operated prior to 1999 operated independently outside of the European Union did allow the United Kingdom and Ireland to opt out. There was once a time when any asylum seeker after reaching the continent was free to roam sort of from country to country without anxiety, now are being asked to carry ID cards with picture and finger print and a declaration of European country and home country as well. These hinderers are being greeted with a mixed bag, glad by some as observable controls on movement of peoples and yet don’t like to have to proclaim that they are indeed native European like in the old not so good old days…


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