The Way You Look

If you are a female news contributor, before sitting down in the make-up chair, what look are you hoping will be achieved before air time? Are you hoping for the teacher-instructor or professional-lecturer manifestation, is your aim to open the mind of the viewer to strategic thinking based on the stories you report? Will your appearance be a distraction or an enhancement to the story? Will the viewer have to process your appearance before giving your presentation consideration, what about after, will your presentation linger or your appearance? Yesterday I watched a female reporter do a stand-up outside a municipal building, the details of which has left my recalled thoughts, however, I can still remember her greasy red lips like it was just an hour ago. It’s not that I wanted to memorize any part of her physical being, it was purely unintentional, like for some unknown reason one remembers a radio jingle heard for the first time. How much make-up is too much? When you can see it and remember it. When television was in its infancy, make-up was applied to the face to make people look normal under the then primitive black and white cameras and hot lights, today it seems the aim appears to be more appetition, as in burlesque. Last year a student demonstrating on behalf of TheDream.US for undocumented immigrant youth was so articulate was invited the next day for an extended interview in the studio. The producers took a very young wholesome looking teen altered her appearance to a caricature of a drag queen and destroyed her creditability as a spokesperson for the National Scholarship Fund for DREAMers…Yes Virginia appearance is not only something its everything