More Snow Please Sir

Ocean and lake front properties was once the envy of all property owners, today, not so much in this age ‘global warming’ experiencing inclement weather at every turn, the need to place houses on stilts, weatherizing all dwellings against the strongest winds that was not necessary not too long ago. A once in a hundred-year snow storm now seem to be happening every other year, snow not measured in inches now in feet. Hardware store shelves stripped bare of shovels, anything that can move sand and snow, I always wonder what happened to those items that were purchased last year, eaten as food? Million dollar homes without electric power or communications for weeks because of above ground power lines felled by snow heavy tree branches while a few miles away the poorest areas with full power do to underground cabling. Nature has a way of upsetting the populace no matter their income. The Canadian Prime Minister is urging some to tone down, ‘inflammatory rhetoric’ because some who worked in the oil industry have lost their income due to falling oil prices, which I believe is only temporary, but be on notice to anyone making a living mining fossil fuel who days are numbered. The motion picture industry is going digital, it’s better for the environment as film is not, every industry has to change somewhat if it wishes to endure along with the earth into the next century…


Hollywood Or Bust

‘A League of Their Own’, a 1992 movie about an all-female professional baseball league, from today’s point of view there are only two measures that could kill such an occurrence, inclusion into the all-male league and teams or lack of interest.

American segregation discipline plaining taught in South Africa that separate but equal does not work, its either all for one or not an all, some will always be unhappy about being excluded, as can clearly be seen in the American motion picture industry. All that exclusionary energy could have been better served fighting for an improved inclusionary position. The making of movies like all enterprise’s it’s the bottom line that counts, to offer a phrase, who cares the color of the cat, ‘Does it catch mice’.

You were reared in the segregated south.

Had your hair done in a segregated beauty parlor.

Hair cut in a segregated barbershop.

Educated in a segregated institution of higher learning.

Segregated from professional baseball started your own league, inclusion killed it found it was no longer necessary, the same thing will happen to all segregated award shows on television, or a lack of interest or both.

When snubbed from award shows started your own.

Devoted a lot of energy to the exclusionary principal, successful, now want to return to inclusion, now finding ‘no room at the inn’…





Is This News?

Home economics was a course offered in most high schools during the 1950’s, 60’s, history now tells us that it was offered to both genders, however, my experience verifies classes filled with mostly females. The course included food preparation, washing and ironing, parenting from a female point of view, homemaking, every task needed in maintaining a happy home, in later years a little nursing was thrown in. For the purpose of this post I am going to fast forward to a time when females were expected to seek employment in an office environment, so office machines were included in a related course, adding machines, typewriters, the skill of short hand taking and filling systems, with the aim toward the employment of females this time as a secretary, since all companies were owned and run by men. It was not unusual when appearing for an interview for a position working in an office the norm was for the female to wear a blouse with a plunging neck line in the hope that the male bosses would like to have this female around on a daily basis. Today’s cable news outlets sad to write is mostly run by males, females will not likely be hired displaying a plunging neck line which would be in poor taste, so the plunging neck line has shifted to risqué hair and make-up as anyone can plainly see throughout the broadcast day…


But Is It Safe?

There are families located in the southern states of the United States that have cultivated tobacco for generations, when the government begin to impose strict regulations on its use, cries of discontent can be heard accusing the government of damaging their livelihood. In some neighboring southern states, fossilized carbon, coal is king, again the government is seen as imposing strict regulations on its use, as loud clamoring can be heard claiming the government is destroying the livelihood of those that work the mines. It seems to me and perhaps to you too, the federal government has a small part to play in the protection of its people against harmful substances, even to overrule state protections. As some local and state protocols were put into place to protect its home industries. What cannot be overlooked is that some home products if used as intended can and do cause harm and so it must surly seem that as long as a livelihood is achieved (by some) it is ok if income from said products is maintained even at the sacrifice of the health of others.



A RePost From 06 Jan 2016

Anyone who has ever sought to get some sort of permit from a local city agency to perform some task or permission to explore one by digging, know how long it can take and how many agencies and committees may be required to sign off on the project before any work can begin. Will thank your lucky stars if that be your tribulation for the complicated web to travel through before you can see the light of day. I sight the above because the people of Flint, Michigan once had oversight built in city government, in place to weave safe guards under close examination so that nothing harmful would or could come about without a lot of people having a stake in the outcome. The state of Michigan chose to override city authority and impose single person rule changing the city water source from Detroit city water to water from the Flint River, I submit that if a full governing committee was involved in the decision all the necessary steps would have played a part and the dangers if any would have been encountered well before any harm could have been done, such as in this case the corrosiveness of the river water that cause the lead in the fittings of the pipes to be released into the water unfiltered. The decision to switch the water supply from Detroit city to Flint River was made by an emergency manger appointed by the state with the aim of saving money, now any viewed savings has now skyrocketed into costly repairs and health costs. In a case of irony, the state has appointed a panel to investigate the crisis to determine who is at fault when if the city government was left in place there would not be a crisis to investigate only how to save tax dollars on improving and keeping the city’s water safe to drink…with or without Scotch…


Not To Be Serviced

It has been estimated that over three thousand migrants have died or are missing while in and around the Mediterranean in 2015 trying to make it to Greece or heading toward Italy. In Athens authorities have detained five rescuers working for NGO’s (non-governmental organization) on suspicion of people smuggling, the overriding charge is ‘attempting to facilitate the entry of illegal migrants’. These not for profit organizations crime is to aid those from drowning at sea and comforting migrants on land, it seems to me Greece thinks that by not extending aid to the migrants they will not try to land in Greece and go elsewhere, if a few die so be it they have been warned, the warning being stay away, no comfort here, no more room at the inn. Greece is not the first nation overwhelmed by migrants, emigrants, alien displaced persons fleeing death and hardships in their home country. Greece is doing its best to defer out-migration into their country but one would hope for a more humanitarian effort if not for the migrants at the very least for those that are trying against all odds to service them.

Not In My Name

In some parts of Syria there are some towns that are controlled by the government others by the rebels, they are blockaded, nothing gets in or out, including food. Starvation is being used as a weapon against the civilian population whether they support the government or the rebels, there has never been a poll to determine to what degree of either, what is known is that the people are captive inside their home city. At least one Presidential candidate has expressed that America should ‘carpet bomb’ the Islamic State out of existence, that would include the captive civilian population under their control; I wonder is that what you would have done in your name?