To Ease The Way…Grease

The 27th of January 1973, is the day the military draft ended in the United States, then the government started a campaign like no other to entice the young to enter the military and perhaps make it a career, like putting a worm on a hook, the enticement included, higher education in and outside of the military, travel, student loan forgiveness, et cetera, and most importantly, reup bonuses, the worm was without any wiggle room, none was needed, that is until this month, in view of the California National Guard scandal that was ordered to pay-back reup bonuses. The government bond was suddenly not a bond after all, if one cannot trust the government to keep its promises then who can one trust. However, if the bonuses were improperly awarded and one has always been a liberty loving solider, obedient in every regard, you accept any hardship and payment offered by your government without question, it’s not up to the troops to question but to obey. And if reup bonuses were not enough then the government should have appealed to one’s sense of patriotism first with just a little grease money to ease the way…instead of offering a bribe, which I understand it was not…

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