Oh Pipe Land, Oh Pipe Land, Can’t You See?

Those thinking about running a pipeline of refined petroleum it seems that the only consideration is the start and end points, encompassing the shortage route from points A to B. It may run over and under water used for drinking and bathing, for crop irrigation, housing ecosystems for small fish and wildlife, when any leakage, even a small one could devastate the environment for years if not forever. It’s always powerful forces at work even invoking eminent domain in some cases leaving anyone not directly involved in its benefits hopeless and helpless. If the pipe fittings don’t fail mother nature my do her labor with land shifting up, down or sideways that may go undetected for hours if not days. Great wealth can be had in the building of a pipeline crossing land or the land itself given to native Americans by treaty only to discover great wealth underground in the form of minerals and/or fossil fuels. When and if eminent domain is declared, all treaties can be cancelled, treaties that have been entrusted for generations, passed down not to an individual but to a community or tribe in the native American signification sense. ‘This land is my land’, no this land is our land whenever we want it to be ours forever…

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