Blood Sausage Being Made

‘Mary had a little lamb’, first published by a Boston publishing house on the 24th of May 1830, has since been read as a favorite bedtime story to little girls the world over, it’s not unusual for dinner the next day to serve lamb chops to that same little girl without her discerning the connection. However, for that little girl to witness the slaughter of a little lamb may require weeks of recovery.

On the 24th of November 2014, Sony Pictures Entertainment emails were hacked revealing company secrets as punishment some claimed by the North Koreans because of the subject matter of the film The Interview. The emails exposed the back-stage contract negotiations and trash talk among executives about clients in unflattering terms.

I site the above examples because what WikiLeaks has exposed is sausages being made. Without a doubt if your business and or personal conversations were so exposed those that claim to know you well, will be surprised by your prejudicial preconceptions about them and those you both know or think you know. A warning, be very careful of the source of any information without regard for how the information was obtained and of its veridicality.

The End


One last thought, WikiLeaks came for the Clintons, next week they may will be coming for you…