Trump vs. Donald

‘All’s fair in love and war’, a proverb, ‘The concept behind the phrase is that some areas of life are so important and overwhelming that you cannot blame someone for acting in their own best interest’, someone wrote on the web site, English Language & Usage, to explain the reasoning behind the proverb. Why did he kill? He was in love. Why did he kill? For love of country. It seems that almost any action can be explained away with the above concept and almost everyone will understand, understand up to a certain point, what that point is I will never know. Politicians will do or say almost anything if by so doing or saying will help them get elected into office, being convinced of their divine right to govern so much better than anyone else. ‘I run for the office of president because’…fill in the blank spaces. Is a person whom has never run for public office before more desirable, virginal, not tuned to the wicked ways of politics? Or is just too inept to be considered for the rough and tumble game of politics. The presidency is not an occupation for on the job training, what we want is know how on day one, not in a day or two. Oh, sure he knows how to say all the right things at the right moment but can he catch mice…I think not…Or is he just another rodent in a blue tweed suit, red tie with blond dyed hair…


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