You Call That News?

To have a well-balanced diet of political news from at least two of the main food groups I listen to a half hour of the openings of each of the Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity radio shows each weekday afternoon. Last Friday was by far the most mischievous of the 2016 presidential campaign to date, one would have thought the end of the Clinton campaign was at hand, only two hours later, fears were abated, the campaign will continue. The world will continue, at least as we have come to know it. It all started with of all people Anthony Weiner, and his texting using a laptop also used by Clinton aid Huma Abedin. On the other hand, Donald Trump after spending months calling the FBI ‘inept and corrupt’ is now praising them for having the ‘courage to right the horrible mistake, by continuing the Clinton email investigations. If you are a Trump supporter you should not be getting your news from the Trump campaign, if you are a Clinton supporter you should not be getting your biases from talk radio or you will find yourself rotated in the wrong direction at every turn of your head, make that brain…

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