Exaggerated Zeal

The current PBS NewsHour parent was The MacNeil/Lehrer Report (1975-1983) that would run a promo, I’m paraphrasing, in answer to a question put to a U.S. Senator, I’ll have an answer to that question right after I’ve heard it fully discussed on The MacNeil/Lehrer Report, for my money to this day that is still true, missing Gwen Ifill. I DVR the PBS NewsHour daily, what is there not to like, no news crawl, banners, clock, or temperatures around the country, no giant event clock count-down, a nice clean screen, of course there is one annoyance, an on-screen logo, what the hell, nothing is perfect. Last week a story was billboard at the program opening, I wetted my chops in anticipation, a panel discussion followed that included three women in what can only be referred to as ‘in clown face’, with un-natural hair colors, false eyelashes and loud red greasy lips, I mention all the above because of its distraction from the promised subject I now forget. All of which made me wonder again; how did we get here? Let’s start with the false eyelashes, in ancient Rome long eyelashes was to affirm chastity, not with seduction as they are so often viewed today, if so what are they doing in the newsroom. Female hair styles and colors have always been a trending affair, the blond peekaboo associated with Veronica Lake of the 1940’s, the pageboy of the 1950’, to Farrah Fawcett’s red swimsuit poster, during their times almost every woman copied some form of ‘the look’, which have always engaged in some sort of fad, remember those women in cowboy boots once in vogue, I do. No news program featuring women now will be without one or all in blond streaking hair, some with dark roots, that was once a no, no, now quite acceptable. What to expect tomorrow, whatever is trending will surely be seen once then suddenly everywhere…with me wondering again, just how did we get here? I pause for a reply…… I’m waiting?