An Alarming Possibility

Most people view hacking as involving a few emails of perhaps embarrassing tidbits of personal information or business and or political directives. I’m currently reading a book that with almost every page scares my trousers off. The book is by Ted Koopel, veteran American broadcast journalist, called ‘Lights Out’, A cyberattack, A Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath, a 2015 publication by Crown Publishers. The book points out with almost every fingernail biting page how some of the most important infrastructures are guarded, if at all, by a single simple chain link fence, if one would dare call it a fence, that a child of ten could easy step over without any trouble at all, behind that chain link are the electric, water, sewage, communication controls of a city, a nation. It should be noted that what is controlling these operations are computers that can be easily hacked by any low-grade laptop, to inflict damage or held hostage for financial gain or political advantage, or you name it. Taken aside, this subject has been explored many times by so called alarmist that the nation’s infrastructure is a soft target, a very soft target, but since infrastructures has not been a widely known target in the past, very little has been done to protect them, I write known, the book paints a very different picture, such sites have been proven to have been under surveillance by terrorist or unknowns, and have been attacked, with I think minimum damage, in exploration of the one day big attack, when, who knows, how or when is just an alarming possibility as of this posting…

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