Russian Novelty

Yesterday at his last press conference of the year, the President claimed that the Russian’s don’t innovate anything, that’s not true, I was so outraged, I tried to call my best friend on my Russian made mobile, no answer, whishing it had been my Russian made rotary at home, then emailed him on my Russian made lap-top, it crashed, then drove to his house in my Russian made driverless car, it stalled, managed to text his next-door neighbor to knock on his door since he did not respond to any of the inquires, I got such a headache, took a Russian made pain-killer, that upset my stomach so bad, I took a Russian made, acid reducer, washed it all down with good old Russian made vodka, the purchase was charged on my Russian issued credit card, returned home, watched the news on my Russian made wide-screen television…You know I feel a lot better now, thank you Mr. President for that very truthful reminder…

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