Is Stupid Too Strong A Term?

The American people are bamboozled every day by media advertising, it is not so far off the mark to convince some that elephants can fly, to buy and use a product that if used as advertised is detrimental to their health. This recent presidential cycle, two major candidates perceived some advantage in blond dyed hair and not in their natural gray when both were well over sixty-five years old. A man selling pillows on television, dyes his hair, men and woman reporting the news, do too. Today the local ABC News station male anchor, dyes his hair darker, the female co-anchor, dyes her hair blond, in addition to her fire engine red lip color, a field reporter has a long hair extension, none of the above improved the presented news one bit, but served as a distraction when noticed. The founding fathers considered all the above well before mass media, concocted the electoral college to be able to safe guard the nation against an unwise choice after winning the popular vote.

The three principal female anchors on BBC World News America are dye head blonds, as are more than five news contributors on each of the news cables, a little less for local news stations. Got something to sell, get a blond head to do the selling, with more of a guarantee of success than not, just ask any visual marketing manager worth their salt. A straight hair wig or hair extensions won’t hurt either.

A voter was asked as to why a vote was casted for candidate A and not candidate B, who was never contacted by candidate B was the answer, when it’s the responsibility of the voter to choose the best candidate and should not have it be based on being contacted by one candidate or the other.

The electoral college meets tomorrow, in case any of them require any help in forming their confirming votes, I suggest they re-read a host of the president-elect’s tweets for guidance…