Hit-or- Miss

Miss Me Yet? refers to a series of roadside advertisements that first appeared in February 2010. It featured former U.S. President George W. Bush’s image waving and smiling from a billboard over the words “MISS ME YET?”, presumably as a critique of Presidential successor Barack Obama’s performance in office. Source Wikipedia…

The underlying sentiment expressed in the billboard referenced the ‘good old days’ of the previous administration, a sentiment that will be more strikingly as the Trump administration takes power, replacing, if I may editorialize here, an era of good feeling, like what was felt by some when the James Monroe administration took power, following years of war, the Napoleonic Wars. My assessment of the incoming administration is based on the unpredictability of the Trump presidential campaign and who knows just how that unpredictability will play out in a governing administration, especially with majorities in both houses as well as the oval office. Trump the fixer? After the Obama administration, has spent eight years fixing the nation from the eight long years of the Bush administration, don’t know how much fixing there remain to be fixed, as he is talking about un-fixing. The chart below illustrates, in part, the amount of fixing that was done as the Bush administration turned the Clinton surpluses the largest ever into a recession prone economy, suggest you do some further research as my space is limited.

Deficit and debt increases 2001–2009. Gross debt has increased over $500 billion each year

since FY2003.


Can a Trump administration be as ruinous to the Obama administration legacy as Bush was to the Clinton surpluses, or will he strike out on his own with his own recession inclinations of trickle-down economic theories and indirect influences ignoring world markets of supply and demand across all country lines…

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