Necessary or not, Here I Come

31 December 2016 is the date that North Carolina is expected to repeal in its entirety the discriminatory ordinances, HB2, that had excluded transgender people from certain public bathrooms, the so called anti-LGBT bathroom law. Which brought back a memory, long forgotten, without it being related. It was sometime in the 1970’s, I was applying for a job that was in one of these affluent looking brown stone buildings on the upper east side of New York City. There were about five people ahead of me for the interview, so I asked for the location of the bathroom, was told it was on the second floor. When I walked in the bathroom looked of having had some extreme modifications, there was a bath tub, a sink, a urinal, and compartment that contained a toilet, for you out of towners, a stall. So, there I was standing at the urinal when a female walked in, entered the stall, I got out of there after rush washing my hands as fast as I could, thinking I had entered the wrong bathroom, was later told by the interviewer that their bathroom was unisexed, this building being a converted family home. This business had been at its current location for about five years at the time, once the proper protocols were fully explained to all its employees they have never had any problems, I have found this to be a truth among the educated, there is no real reason as to why separate bathrooms are in order among the sexes other than a cultural one, after all in the south it’s called ‘the necessary’ and that ain’t for nothing…

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