A Few Notes On Housing

A kind of cheap housing, American style, can be called a ‘boarding house’, or ‘rooming house’, located in a family home, if large enough, that offer some amenities like breakfast and or dinner along with a short or long term rental of room(s). In the United Kingdom, such houses are run by landladies who enforce a draconian authority, in the U.S. too, just not as strict, of course it all depends on who is doing the telling.

After the Russian revolution, the Soviet’s, placed their stamp on an old concept and called it a kommunalka, with rigorous equality, Soviet style, a product of the new collective, two to seven families shared a room(s) in a large building with communal spaces like the kitchen, bathroom, hallways and main entrance, one telephone if any.

(Vladimir), ‘Lenin conceived of the communal apartment, and drafted a plan to “expropriate and resettle private apartments” shortly after the Russian revolution. His plan inspired many architects to begin communal housing projects, to create a “revolutionary topography.” The communal apartment was revolutionary by “uniting different social groups in one physical space.” Furthermore, housing belonged to the government and families were allotted an extremely small number of square meters each’. Source, Wikipedia…

Back to the U.S., housing of the poor has always been a ‘project’ of liberal do-gooders, the concept that they came up with is called, simply, ‘the projects’, a high-rise building housing hundreds of the poor, mostly without any interaction of anyone of a different class, nothing good will ever come from such segregation. Any urban study about ‘project’ housing life, will always point to Cabrini Green on the north side of Chicago, housing some 15,000 people that became infested with crime and gang violence, brought on some say, by city government housing neglect.

‘In a new perspective published today in the New England Journal of Medicine, five experts, including Dr. David Buck with Baylor College of Medicine, make the argument for ‘Housing First’ as an approach to end homelessness across the country’.

‘The Housing First approach offers permanent supportive housing to the homeless without prerequisites that traditional approaches require, such as psychiatric or substance use treatment or attaining sobriety before receiving housing. The approach also combines financial support for housing with offers of psychiatric, medical and social rehabilitative support. Studies have shown that this type of intervention has resulted in faster exits from homelessness and more time spent in housing compared to traditional approaches’. Source, Baylor College of Medicine…

Sounds good to me…well worth a good shot…

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