Don’t Just Let Us Hope…

Lawrence Kudlow’s book, JFK and the Reagan Revolution, A Secret History of American Prosperity, co-authored along with Brian Domitrovic, Penguin Random House 2016, the supposed suppression of how JFK pioneered supply-side economics, only one thing comes to mind, how convenient that neither John Kennedy nor Ronald Reagan are around to defend themselves. A component of supply-side economics, is the lowering of the tax rate of the rich, so that the rich, let us just say the well-off, those with an abundant of material wealth, pay less in tax, with the hope of their continued abundant wealth will trickle-down to the poor, let us just say the less well off. With the rich tax cut guaranteed, the trickling down is not, it would be up to the good nature of the well off to follow through to the end of the trickle-down theory. Who is to say that once the tax savings have been granted, the savings are taken just like in the days of yore, added to the wealth of the king. As the poor are left standing in an empty field eating cake, so of speck, that is rich in cream and sugar with bloated bellies due to a lack of nutrition, waiting for the trickle, of so many trickles to flow down, that have never been guaranteed, just only hopped for…

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