The Engaged Land

In restrooms, all over the world there are signs stating the obvious, occupied vs unoccupied, even at the United Nations headquartered in New York City, there are signs not necessarily in one’s birth language, I’m sure there are some, but mostly in the international language of symbols, easily understood by the sighted, but in case one is not, there are some with accompanying braille, even some go so far as to include a Grace & Harmony Mermaid (couple) sign for the LGBT community. My point is there can be no mistake as to the true meaning of occupied vs unoccupied, except from an Israeli point of view, that are currently occupying captured lands since 1967, that once captured in conflict (war), once hostilities cease, such land must be returned as a sign of peace, there’s that word again, ‘sign’, no restroom can be occupied forever, at some point must become unoccupied once again for the next occupier, if you will. It is totally unthinkable for one to occupy a restroom stall, then start to take up permanent residence by building a platform to sleep, and a sink and tub in which to bathe.

The above opened the door again for the president-elect to meddle in foreign policy way before his time, meddle is not too strong a word, impertinent, not restrained, without proper bounds, shooting from the hip, which I fear will be the hallmark of this/his future administration, as Michael Bloomberg once remarked, ‘God help us’ as he’s wants to run the nation like he has run his business… 

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