Systematic Inquiry?

We all would like to think that the investigative arm of local police departments is equal across the board when it comes to all its citizens. However, just a few months ago, two high profiled rape/murder cases seemed, only seemed to have garnered more police resources than any other crimes commented in the city on that day or week in New York City, even the media seemed to have offered a more aggressive coverage for days on end. Today, months after the crimes were commented, media is raising questions, with concerns that these crimes remain unsolved. One would have thought that on a certain day in the city there was only one crime commented, if there were other crimes commented, they were not widely reported and not seemly investigated. Front page news on some tabloid newspapers, lead story on local news stations showing police investigative crime vans parked at the crime scene, police combing the area in shoe protected white booties, not one or two police personal but ten or more. Neighborhoods were being strictly canvased, security cameras being viewed again and again hoping to find something that may have been overlooked and because these cases involve and are committed against/on the upper crust of society, that may be the not so hidden key as to why no stone was left undisturbed, as a massive search for the perpetrator(s) along with a handsome reward is publicized and widely reported. As in the good old days of the Soviet Union, some of its citizens were more equal than others too, comrade…

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