I Like A Clean (screen) View Of The News

I enjoyed watching CNN’s Reliable Sources this Sunday, the word ‘watch’ should appear in bold face, while I DVR the program every week, I never watch it, I listen to it, since I find the broadcast screen just too cluttered with a news crawl, banners, event clock, network logo, and whatever the producers can think of to aid in the distraction of the spoken broadcast information. This Sunday there was no news crawl, just the annoying banners and network logo, my guess giving the news crawl writer the day off because of the holidays. One would think that they would fear, a viewer would see a story moving in the crawl, leave the current broadcast to seek more information that was displayed in the crawl elsewhere, I know I would.

Another news program I DVR, this one a week day nightly, BBC World News America broadcast over PBS from their Washington, D.C. studio anchored by Katty Kay, however, due to the holidays, from their London home studio, when they do so its broadcast with a news crawl, which I delete, will watch fully again after the holidays.

I have always been amazed as to why broadcast and cable networks, clutter their screens with useless crap all at the same time, when each one of the cluttered item is fine as a standalone, but together, all at once is just too much for the mind to process and still provide the ‘take away’ what a news program is supposed to deliver, news and information unfiltered…