Providential Care

‘Be careful what you wish for’. There was once a time in America when right out of high school, a good paying job was available in the town factory, attaching part A to fit into part B. Then automation began, doing the attaching 24/7, without a yearly vacation. Automation did bring about other jobs to the factory floor not even thought of at the time, with some new training paying about $30.00 an hour, however, word got out that if the company moved production off shore, a worker could be had doing the same job for $24.00 a day. The company owner is a business person, knows a good deal when it presents itself, is how the business has been kept going for years and profitable. As an expression of flag waving patriotism, it was encouraged that some factory production should exist on the home front too. The business person considered, once the proposal was put forward in patriotic terms, the venture could be possible if the American people are willing to pay thousands for products that once cost hundreds, then we have a deal…

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