Want To Be A Squanderer? Yes, Yes I Do…

The Wall Street Journal is reporting; ‘About 4.4 million low wage workers across the country are slated to receive a raise’, in 2017…from as little as five cents, or one U.S. dollar, to as much as $11.00 an hour, increase in the minimum wage. We have heard from some well-off business owners that have called any increase in the minimum wage as a job killer, that will curtail any new hiring. Growing up I remember hearing stories that Henry Ford raised the wages of his assembly line workers so that they will be able to afford to buy his cars. A fast food counter worker today with an increase in an hourly wage will be better able to buy the products that they serve out every day all day long, buy clothes for their young, better feed their young and themselves, in short stimulate the economy across the board effecting almost every business and business owner to boot. A stagnated economy will continue if no one in the work force receives a pay increase, I wonder if the term, ‘same old same old’ has any true meaning here when applied to the economy? I heard one hard worker say, ‘give me a high earning job and I will give you a high spending citizen’.

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