Multiloquious Sunday’s

Welcome to the first of the Sunday morning political chat shows of 2017 that are now laden with female panelists, viewed as a good thing, that was not true not too long ago during the early days of the televised chats on Sunday mornings, you see, once there were none, then one or two, up to these days of mostly females on some programs. Broadcast history tell of one invited female guest whose appearance changed the course of the visuals for many years to come, it seems that her plunging neckline was deemed too provocative for a Sunday morning program, so extra cloth had to be found from somewhere, orchestrating the first on-air cover-up, up until that time in network television. Thankfully, what was in vogue at the time in women’s fashion was wide skirts, not to go into detail, provided a lot of flowing under cloth that could be captured for another use, it was decided to cut some to custom a kinda chest covering for the over exposed guest, it worked and is now broadcast history. That was then, this is now, there are new challenges faced by broadcast producers, the over made-up guest, even though each program has its own in house hair and make-up artist, there are still more times than not, when a guest or panelist shows up in what can only be called, ‘clown-face’, or looking like a Las Vegas strip dancer in need of an urgent on site facial make-over, conforming to Sunday morning broadcast standards. Women in all levels of broadcasting both in front and behind the camera, have always experienced a tuffaceous way to go, ‘that’s too much’ ‘that’s too little’, has been a hot and cold affair from the start. Insisting that some appear in straight hair wigs or with rosy cheeks when it was not a natural occurrence for their ethnicity. But through the years, all have endured and will continue to do so if broadcast standards remain civil, as the new battle ground is being fought over hair color and when this ‘blond’ thing seem to be going too far with just too many dye heads on the same program at the same time in the same camera shot as viewers start to talk and wonder, is anyone watching the store?