Need Above The Law

There has always been a job available picking produce in the United States, which is why immigrants are allowed, some are illegal, with enforcement not strictly enforced, the need is above the law. Americans will not participate in produce picking employment, if they did, the cost of a single orange or apple would have to be $2.00 or more to pay their living wage, that same living wage not available to immigrants, especially those working outside of the law, is barely available to those inside the law.


Mexicans living and working abroad sent home about $2.4 billion home in remittances, reported Reuters, that’s the most in ten years, probably fueled by the anti-Mexican anti-immigrant campaign rhetoric of the incoming Trump administration. In Mexico around half the population lives in poverty, paid U.S. wages to Mexicans picking produce in the U.S. are a major source of income for many families. Further, a Trump government has threatened to block future wage transfers hinting that they are the foremost cause of dollar erosivity against the Mexican peso, true or not, no American would want to be paid in Mexican pesos or pick American produce even at $50.00 an hour in a luminous celestial hot sun…

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