I Want to Stay Home…But

The Ford Motor Company is in business to do two things, make cars and make money. Manufacturing automobiles in Mexico paying workers $6.00 an hour enables the company to make money and make cars, in the United States it can make cars, just not as much money paying U.S. workers $60.00 an hour. By extension, a Ford manufactured car made in the U.S. will cost so much more to buy, fewer and fewer Americans will be able to afford one even earning a $60.00 an hour pay check. Investors on Wall Street, may not want to buy Ford stock as its worth starts to tumble. Not only Ford but a lot of small companies in the supply chain are in danger of losing money or failing as a business. Private and public funds, pesos and dollars, were to be invested in the city airport along with a new bus line in anticipation of the new action and traffic in and out of Mexico that now must be cancelled. The down side can be the Mexican workers that would have stayed in Mexico earning a living now may have to travel north to do so…

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