A Little Echo Sounder

There is a term that has been used throughout history to explain the actions of humans, called human nature, Merriam-Webster describes it as ‘the fundamental dispositions and traits of humans’. I would like to think that there is, if not, should be, one that describes the actions of nations, let me call it, the nature of nations. It seems to be the nature of nations to increase its land mass, if powerful enough by force, or at the very least its influence, both have given rise to colonialism in the past, it can be argued good for the colonialist, for the colonized, not so much. The study continues.


The nature of a business, is to steadily increase its profits, that can mean, instead of paying to have its waste lawfully carted away, dump it into the nearest water way, place its trash on the side of a road, no matter the consequences. Instead of looking upon the expense of acting as an environmentalist, as the price of doing business, its looked upon as burden to be avoided.


I site the nature of both nations and business’s as a sign of what can be refenced as the ‘ghost of Christmas to come’, in review of this president-elect’s choice of some department/agency heads, and their records, their visible records in business and nation relations that may prove more wanting then not…

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