Dear Mr. Ford 1863 (part two)

Yesterday I posted the following in part to WordPress:

The ball is now in the Ford Motor Company’s court, instead of paying $6.00 an hour for workers in Mexico to $60.00 an hour at home, earning a little less per auto, charging more per auto, the question is, will the Americans be able to afford to own one…


As reported, The Ford Motor Company scripted the building the $1.6 billion small car automotive plant in Mexico employing a lot of low paying Mexicans for about it has been said to add 700 American higher paying jobs in Flat Rock, Michigan, it must be predicted, that those low paying Mexican jobs would have lasted up to ten years or more, however, those Michigan jobs only about half that time after considering, health benefits, vacations and such, will open wide the door to robotics much sooner, no health benefits, no vacations, no paid sick days and less paid employees…So Ford is looking to build the City of Tomorrow, with the return of the Ford Ranger and Bronco trucks by 2019, it’s a good chance that they will be employing the best of and a lot of robotics Ford money can buy to make that endeavor possible…the future in manufacturing has always been not with all hands on deck but more and more machines in production…Danger…Danger…

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