Hair in Hiding

I have noticed that almost all dark-haired television female journalist has taken to lighting their hair shade, even those of a certain ethnicity not known for such shades, kinda clownish I think, greasy lips and long false eye lashes included, the older ones are simply hiding the gray; is there some new on-screen requirement that is spearheading this development or is it just faddism run amok? Kinky-Afro’s have never been in vogue, not even on present day porn Web sites, at least not since the Afrocentric craze of the 1970’s. In the broadcast studio, behind the anchor desk, or in field reporting, its straight hair wigs or else, the else can be defined as out of a job. In television comedy and drama’s if the casting is to include certain ethnics from the first day of it having been green lighted the budget must include the expense of straight hair wigs so that the full cost of production can be realized going in so that there will not be any surprises or cost over runs at the finance meeting, oh, I forgot, the cost of hair dyeing in blond streaks must be included, also very faddish these days. On a recent panel discussion on CNN involving four women every one of them had hair that was streaked, one would have thought, like me, because of duplication would have just walked off the set, not realistic if one wants to work in television, one must look the part of a twenty-first century female television journalist engaging in fakery…

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