‘The rain was good news for lawns gardens’…Garrison Keillor

Returning to a subject that I have been posting about for years, female news contributors, preparing for their appearance on the Sunday morning chat show, spending the week before appearing dying and streaking their hair. Which brings me to those female news anchors; does anyone tune to a regular news broadcast because of the appearance of the anchor, the bald male that has been toupeed? For those that have found blond hair dye a shade too far, there is now the ever popular, Orangutanian orange. It’s the news we want not Hollywood faddish beauty tips.


An all-important life altering news story breaks, a top government official is being interviewed with information, so what do the cables do to diminish that appearance, run a news crawl of other news happenings, splash a large event clock, display the network logo, some are even animated, run a banner text of what was just said, time and temperature, closing stock numbers, and a semi-naked lady dancing in the corner, no not really, after being fully distracted by all the above, we ask ourselves; what did he just say? It seems to me the most important news being presented now is this government official and what he wants us to do to be safe, and should be presented with a clean screen without any distractions. The only regularly scheduled daily news program that I find comfortable on the eye is the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley, one must almost strain to find the network logo which is just fine with me, as all my attention is and can be focused on the news being demonstrated with a minimum of distractions. By the way I was raised on NBC News, the Huntley-Brinkley Report to be exact, my love of hard news came from their era and has cemented my choice of televised news viewing to this day and time…

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