Bring Them Young…and Blond

One thing was confirmed for me during the last presidential election, Americans didn’t mind electing a seventy-year-old person to the presidency, or even an eighty-year-old someday, it’s just that they don’t want them to look their age. This confirmation was clearly observed by the appearance of the two majors who spent the time and expense of dying their hair, not the darker shade of their youth but to the more youthful and perceived vigorous shade of blond. Also, it is worth noting that in western and ancient folklore, the gods are often depicted as blond, one of the good guys, the bad gods, the bad guys are not. Such conceptions have spilled over into advertising where dye head blonds dominate, even to journalist on television, where the advent of going gray is averted by blond hair dye or a toupee or hair extensions. Ask yourself, is the news that is being reported to you more acceptable by a youthful looking blond or an aged old person, perhaps balding to boot. I’m sure we like to think to ourselves that age in appearance does not matter all that much, but deep down in the horror entrails of the human mind it does. Anyone charged with the hiring of personnel have remarked more than once, not out loud, to a well-qualified candidate only to think, no not you, this person is just too old. Need more persuasion, picture a trophy wife, young and blond, not old and gray, enough said…?