Living where I live in the northeast of the United States during the winter months, television advertising is dominated by warm weather resorts offering refuge to vacationers from the cold, to be able to engage in sunny beaches and blue-green pitched waters. The beaches are often pictured as being partially occupied, which can at times be blanket to blanket filled with tourist who were lured to the resort by video of the emptiness of the beaches. Then there are the automobile commercials, with scenes of endless empty highways along scenic thoroughfares seemly open to anyone with the purchase of a certain automobile, when the truth is miles and miles of endless traffic and not so pretty scenery. It’s all about selling, selling the resorts, selling the cars in an all too unrealistic attractive setting.


The person anchoring your favored nightly network news program, your favorite because of their appearance, the network producers are banking on it, otherwise why are they spending so much on female blond streaking hair and make-up, and that male Hollywood type. Do we watch an anchor because they have a nose for news or the best nose news money can buy? How much can $20 million a year for a news personality buy, a whole lot, but are they worth it? I answer yes, if thrown in they can aid in the cure of some cancers…or at least keep us up at night with horrifying descriptive news writing then the money may well be somehow worth it …if not just give me an old fashion beat reporter with good journalistic skills earning $100.00 a year…and not too fancy looking, just plain old and accurate…thank you very much…

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