The Way of Business

Any ongoing business success is measured by its bottom line, what’s on the bottom line keeps the business humming. So, if a way can be found to limit the expense of running the business coupled with higher earnings that will increase profits that will affect the bottom line then the business will be a success. At start up, the most expensive element are the workers, if low paid workers can be found, which enable the business products to sell at an affordable price, a must in the competitive market place a profit can be realized, with higher paid workers, not so much.


Every business creates some sort of waste, if a way can be found to be rid of it without cost, so much better for the bottom line. Waste is the second element that can affect the bottom line.  


Then the strong arm of the government steps in with wage controls, minimum wages controls, health fees, unemployment fees, safety regulations, and so on, are just some of the things that can affect and harm the bottom line.

The disposal of the companies’ waste, cannot be just dumped by the side of the road, that would be cheap, but may be illegal, so complying with some government regulations can be expensive.



The government has threated companies manufactured goods if manufactured offshore with a heavy tax upon entry to be sold in the American market place. The government set costly waste disposal regulations that companies want to be set-aside to increase the bottom line, however, may endanger the environment, if it affects the bottom line, and it will.


The expense of doing business, workers, government regulations, has a way of upping the cost of doing business, trying to maintain profits, the cost of the finished goods may not be obtainable to the company’s customers, unless there can be found some sort of balance between profits and good business practices…