It Came From an Immigrant

The birthrate of most western countries is falling and has been doing so for the last ten years or so at an ever-increasing rate, at the same time failing employment opportunities have been blamed on immigrants, migrants if you will, when the true job killer is technology, robotic technology, to be more exacting. Without a vigorous immigrant population to stimulate growth and innovation a society will wilt, as if attacked by a fungus and die on the vine. Brexit like policies is not only a job killer but a country killer as well. Most new ideas come from the outside in rarely from the inside out. Ask anyone as to why something is done a certain way and the answer will most likely be, that’s the way it’s always been done, until an outsider, observes the situation and offers something totally new, why not try doing it this way, something no one had ever thought of before and if the new idea is not fully adopted there is a good chance that a new tweak on an old idea will be an improvement, new eyes looking at an old job, is progress and it can come from a immigrant…

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