How Far, Too Far, How Long, Too Long

The Mary Tyler Moore Show is once again being celebrated all over again with the death of its star and namesake, Mary Tyler Moore, as being the intermediary of a women’s javelin in the observance of equal rights (movement) for women when it was in its infancy. The show was ahead of its time and the nation in exploring such issues on television as equal pay for women, drug addiction (sleeping pills), pre-marital sex, a man hungry woman, even homosexuality, a single woman living alone with a career, never married and dating a few men, how shocking for the 1970’s, in real-life, not so much, on television, defiantly a yes. So, one would have thought that the CBS Television Network in its homage to this ground breaking television show would have done just a little better then choosing a sixty-two-year-old woman presenter wearing a straight hair wig without any gray to lead the parade, that in of its self confirms that women on television, are just pretty-little things, still have a long way to go, especially women of a certain ethnicity.