Play It Again, Sam…

Dialogue dubbing of movies as far as I’m concerned was in its heyday during the 1950’s up to and including the late 1960’s, when what are now considered classic ‘foreign’ movies, I’m sure a few comes to your mind, foreign only in the United States, not to the rest of the world, in Europe where almost everyone is multilingual to some extent, in the U.S. not so much, where movies from France and Italy, I site as examples, the French new wave movement, coupled with the neorealism of Italian film making are the best. I raise the above points only to note that dubbed classic movies are no longer available that was once played on American television with some regularity on Sunday and Saturday late nights as foreign flim festivals, which is how I got to know them, oh, yes they were also played in down town so called art houses, catering to the fringe taste of movie lovers or the avant-garde communities. Such films are still available but with subtitles which I hate, trying to read the actors emotions on their faces and at the same time read the dialogue at the bottom of the screen is just too trying for me, out of which grow my loathing I guess of news crawls. And oh, yes, the English are deserving of an honorary mention here too, the series of ‘Carry On’… movies and more, that are even today live up to a carefree, lighthearted experience for ever and ever with rounds of belly laughs that continue long after the movie has stopped playing…

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