All American…From Another Place

There’s a reason most successful companies in the U.S. are dominated by immigrants, where they came from a business can be stated only with a bribe, and if continued success, profits may be repressed too, with more bribes. In the U.S., a start-up can be successful with a good idea and investors pouring funds in without taking any out until profits can be realized all around. The technology industry in the U.S., are mostly headed by first and second generation immigrants, who upon arrival ascertained this is a good place to make a go of it, and made a go of it they did, in Silicon Valley, ever hear of it? In case you think the success of Silicon Valley is some sort of myth, ever hear of Hollywood, I mean old Hollywood, invented by and first run by immigrants, like all new immigrants in the U.S. they saw an opportunity and took the plunge. The movies made by immigrants display Americana culture better than a native born ever could, they appreciate the genre and all its red, white and blue expressions through and through. Ask any immigrant what it means to be an American, I just hope you have a couple of hours to spare as it’s explained to you, ask a native the same question, the reply may be, I just happen to be born here.


More…ever hear of Henry Ford, second generation immigrant, did not invent the automobile nor the assembly line but made it his own with an eye that only an immigrant seems to have. There are over a million stores of immigrants that made it big in the U.S. and will keep doing so if we allow them to do their good works here and not abroad…to be continued…  

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