Testing – Testing

Americas Test Kitchen, the show’s host for the past sixteen seasons was singularly Cook’s Illustrated, editor-chief, Christopher Kimball, has now undergone an upgrade of sort with more diversity of the on-screen talent and with that two female co-hosts, like every television show these days’ blond dye-heads all, yes even in the kitchen, blonds are in, notice I did not mention the bedroom, where there is always a lot of cooking going on, that is for another post, another type of cooking show, to be explored at a much later date. But still this show is all about getting the pot on, in the kitchen and remains one of my favorite television shows, who’s recipes I never follow to the letter just take a little bit of this with a little bit of that that has helped make me a much better cook over the years, suggest if you have not already done so give this show a try and see if their ways and means of cooking can work wonders for your ways and means of cooking, I do mean in the kitchen…of course…

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