The Conscientiously Engaged Professional

I have never been a part of the U.S. government, the closest having served in the U.S. Army Europe for fourteen months before being unceremoniously asked to leave, nonetheless this I know, the backbone of every governmental agency owe its operating success its under pinning’s to the second echelon of professional career minded personnel that remain in place no matter whom is appointed to head it. To put it more expressively they know how to make the trains run on time and where all the bodies are buried more than any newly installed department head no matter how smart will ever know or could ever hope to learn in any amount of time in the life of an administration. I further submit that most governmental authoritative agencies could run very well without the administrative appointed head who has only been placed in charge to spear head the new administrations directives, point of view and policies. The role of the professional career agency operative is solid and has never been more important and in demand than when in the hands of a West Wing filled with rank amateurs without any given inner agency governmental experience from the very top on down as to the affairs of state and the running of a top governmental agency responsible for the nation’s welfare and wellbeing. So, when just a few agency professionals, as reported by Reuters, on the 26th of January 2017, four senior top State Department officials were asked to leave their posts, can only mean that the affairs of State and the nation are no longer in good hands…

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