Rational Intervention

I have never considered myself an alarmist one who would shout fire when there clearly was not one, however, since the last presidential election, it seems that the nation has been inching toward a cave in on its self, a collapse, a crumping as if its standard never existed. This administration’s recent attacks on the media as if it was out to get it, and now the court of appeals, that it sees as attacking its executive authority instead viewing it as a co-branch of authority engaging in the governmentese in partnership for the wellbeing of the nation, it’s as if this administration is taking any challenge or even a cross examination of its governing policies personally, if that’s even possible. To think that a nation of immigrants, its life blood since its founding is now a disease seeking some sort of a cure all, that only it is endowed with. Finally, this administration has repeatedly stated a false hood that can be in its own words be played back in its opposition to its self, is a tragic irony in the making.


Have just learned that the White House is using its platform to comment on and perhaps promote the Trump or a member’s family business or businesses, viewing its failing as an attack on presidential policies, I ask rhetorically what’s next?  


So, I am today urging, no begging, Congress to draw up articles of impeachment against the President and to reconvene a committee on un-American activities to explore reasons as to why proceedings of impeachment are not in order …for the further good of the nation now and its future for ever more…