A Few Words from an Alternate Sponsor

What follows in brief, is not American egalitarianism…?


Immigrants and refugees upon arrival in any new place tend to settle in the same areas finding comfort among the likeminded such as themselves which in some large cities can mean as much as five to fifteen blocks, encompassing businesses, schools and religious institutions with reminders all-around of their home countries. So, it was possible for some to peek out of their windows to a sight that they have long feared but prayed would never come, as government box-like shaped vans two or three in number, entered the neighborhood inserting

uniformed men into residential buildings and businesses rounding up men, women and children in a manner not seen since before and including WW2 in Europe, something the older ones have known and have seen before, the younger ones having only seen in movies, with the results the same, deportation, governmental deportation, which has never been a good or welcoming sight or event, their fears dictate harm or even death…not to be witnessed in this home free blessed America…now a myth, where slaves have prayed, if only we can make it North, we shall be free and safe for ever more…the myth once believed now proven to be just that without any words…