Issue One, European Bison?

DW News is reporting; The frontrunner in the French presidential, Emmanuel Macron, has been the target of “fake news” spread by news outlets owned by the Russian state, the chairman of his party told reporters on Monday.


Reuters is reporting; Drawing a parallel with the U.S. presidential elections in which U.S. intelligence agencies saw the hand of the Kremlin. Richard Ferrand, secretary-general of the Onwards party, remarked, ‘The Americans saw it, but it came too late’.


In view of all the above turmoil, the real news for me is that Marine Le Pen’ is campaigning on a pledge of ‘France First’, to take France out of the European Union, following the British lead, that can only mean continued sparks setting the European Union on a course of being ‘no more’ or weakening it toward that end. The Opinionway poll, has Mrs. Le Pen with a 26.5 percent lead over former Prime Minister Francois Fillon with his 25 percent. Mrs. Le Pen has stated she doesn’t want France to become more ‘globalised’ then it already is. If the European Union which has kept the peace in Europe, keeping centuries of old world pettiness in the background will now be free to come to the front of every argument that can only lead to fighting words once again. WWone and WWtwo and counting…


In the upcoming months elections, will be held throughout Europe with right wing popularization parties gaining more and more creditability with strict home rule exertion in sight, with a ‘my state’ mentality, which has found a kinship in the ‘Make America great, again’ movement in the U.S., now spreading throughout Europe and perhaps the world…


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