A Predominant Authority

A business is in business to make a profit, government is in business to provide services to its people; what’s so hard about this equation, nothing, once it’s given a good hard look see. And yet time after time this most common of equation is ignored much to the indistinctness of the most learned people among us. If governing was so much like a business it’s a wonder that more business people are not in government, there are so many of them, well the reasons are many, but chief among them is that it would make a lot of governments into pooy. Take a one-person ruled business without a governing board or investors to answer to or an eclectic of people with ideas in power for four years or so after which or by then it can be too late to make any corrections or alterations, the dye may have been cast. Any arguments offered may be trumped by a Trump in which America finds itself today with no way out except by way of impeachment, the danger being government would have to be placed on hold with nothing being done and I mean nothing being done, the nation at a standstill may be far more harmful then helpful. But at some crucial point the shovel must be taken away to stop the digging any deeper into the abyss for which there may never be any meaningful return, one that one can ever hope to be able to live within and so on and so on…in etcetera we trust…as the people are being blinded by the gods of profit…

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