According to Whom?

Israel-Palestine…In just two easy steps to peace?


Any state based on a religion will only be able to be governed by the narrowest of margins, on the other hand, any state governed by democracy will always have a much broader appeal. When President Trump used the phrase ‘one state’, at a news conference with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, that signified a radical new way of thinking as regards to U.S. middle east policy, and its drive towards a U.S. sponsored peace, and if it is to include Palestinians then that would mean Israel must be governed as a democracy and not as a religious state, since a democratic state is all inclusive, a religious one is not. The United States is not nor has it ever been a religious state though some have dared to claimed it to be one from its start, some even using the pledge of allegiance and other such expressions as tried and true and as a guide.


The concept of “Judeo-Christian values” in an ethical (rather than theological or liturgical) sense was used by George Orwell in 1939, with the phrase “the Judaeo-Christian scheme of morals.” It has become part of the “American civil religion” since the 1940s.

The term “Abrahamic religions” is used to include Islam as well as Judaism and Christianity. Sources, Wikipedia…


So, this American President has with just one single phrase has so it seems, ended the concept, or placed it on hold, of a two-state American solution to the Israel-Palestinian question, at least for the time being…   

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